Want to boost your marketing campaign but don’t know where to start? If you are looking for a good promotional idea, then check out this custom branded bag from DKNY.

Donna Karan New York, popularly known as DKNY, is a fashion house catering to both men and women’s fashion needs. They have been in the fashion industry since 1984.  As an industry leader, we have seen a lot of good marketing campaigns from the brand.

For their last campaign, they gave away a custom branded bag for every purchase of any DKNY perfume. We found this exclusive promotion at John Lewis, a well – known UK department store.

DKNY Promotes Brand with Premium Custom Branded Bag

DKNY Promotes Brand with Premium Custom Branded Bag

The custom branded bag is durable. It’s made from high-quality PVC with a glossy outer layer which protects the bag from the elements. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your valuables. The two side pockets allow convenient access to phone accessories and other stuff.

 Why do we love this custom branded bag from DKNY?

  • Branded. We all love high-quality free items. That’s why this marketing move from DKNY was really effective in motivating customers to make a purchase. Not only did this custom tote bag promote the brand, but it also helped drive sales up.
  • Design. The neutral colour of the bag goes really well with any outfit and the classy design made it look glamorous. The design appeal can easily attract working women and high-end customers. As such, we believe this could inspire on-the-spot purchase.
  • Brand Visibility. The DKNY letters are perfectly embossed across the lower part of the bag. The letters occupied almost 1/4 of the front side of the bag and are easily recognizable even from afar. If we look at their previous custom promotional bag, we can say that the bags are very similar in that they both sport a metallic appearance embossed branding. These features lent a modernistic vibe to the product.

Overall, this promotional strategy by DKNY was a hit. Fans of the brand and shoppers at John Lewis will have to purchase their products to get their hands on these branded freebies– a win-win situation for the brand and the shop itself. Also, we can’t help but notice that the bag is neatly placed on a well-lit POS Display. This is a great way to maximize their visual impact and boost their in-store promotion.

DKNY Promotes Brand with Premium Custom Branded Bag

DKNY Promotes Brand with Premium Custom Branded Bag

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