Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

Check out Alaska’s cool branded giveaway idea: food storage container! Alaska Milk collaborated with Biokips, a popular food storage container brand, in its recent promotion and we can say that it’s a brilliant move.

Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

These unique promotional products  can be found in supermarkets in the Philippines. For every purchase of three 300g Alaska powdered milk, customers get a free Biokips food storage container.

This strategy by Alaska and Biokips will easily attract customers. This kind of partnership will not just strengthen their brand performance, but it will also widen their market reach. In addition, the gift item is neatly presented as an on-pack promo which makes it eye-catching.

Biokips containers are 100 percent airtight with silicone packing. As a result, spoilage of food is easily prevented. Its anti-bacterial property keeps food fresh longer than usual. The container is microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator-friendly.

Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

Why this branded giveaway idea by Alaska and Biokips is a good marketing move?

  • Brand Exposure. Both brands get high brand exposure. Why? Loyal patrons of each brand have the chance to check out both products at the same time. This strategy greatly promotes both brands. This can help improve sales and attract new customers.
  • Branded Gift Item. Because people love free promotional items, having a branded giveaway may help motivate customers to buy more Alaska products. More purchase means more free durable food storage containers. Hence, this will stimulate sales and increase profitability.
  • Promote Customer Loyalty. Giving something to customers is always a good idea. More often than not, they’ll patronise your products to show their support. This also helps ensure that your customers will be loyal to you down the road.
Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

Food Storage Container: Branded Giveaway Idea from Alaska

Every brand needs good marketing to survive; hence, marketing experts invest time and money on giveaways and custom promotional merchandise. The gift with purchase Biokips food storage container is one of the best ways to keep up with the tough competition in the food industry. Having these kinds of promotions will fortify customer relationship and loyalty. As a result, customers will most likely support your product over other brands.

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