On Pack Promotions

“On Pack Promotions” is a phrase that will get the attention of so many product marketing managers. They are an exceptional way to make your product stand out along the saturated shelves of the standard store.

In addition to making your product stand out on the shelf, an on pack promotion brings competitive advantage in a plethora of ways. The promotion, used alongside gifts with purchase also adds value to the purchase for your consumer. This leads to increased profitability for the product.

Top 5 reasons to use On Pack Promotion in your business:

  • Customer Retention – Perhaps a less obvious benefit, when consumers are delighted with their purchase, they are certainly more likely to return to you as a consumer.
  • Pester Power – An effective on pack promotion utilizes the potential of pester power. Children will see a great on pack promotion, especially one with a gift with purchase, and increase the chance of sale through their childlike negotiation tactics.
  • Cost Effective– These on pack promotions are incredibly cost-effective, they can be cheaply produced but the long term gain will make the venture very useful.
  • Customize – The more custom, the on pack promotions you offer, the easier you can brand them.
  • Customer loyalty: your customers will feel a sense of loyalty if you provide them with a gift from time to time. They will feel like they are getting something more than the product itself when purchasing from your company. This will increase their satisfaction and consequently their loyalty to your brand.

The benefits of an effective on pack promotion like this are profound. As outlined they certainly increase the profitability of the product offered.

20+ Case Studies – how On Pack Promotions work:

Having a custom water bottle in your possession is useful. Reusable water bottles and other water promo gifts can help reduce the amount of plastic waste that you would otherwise get from throwing away disposable plastic bottles, and they can be re-used and refilled for a very long time. What’s more, they have been found to be healthier for you than re-using a plastic bottle, so why not bag your own!

Custom Water Bottle as Gift with Purchase of Oreo Cookies

Custom Water Bottle as Gift with Purchase of Oreo Cookies

On Pack Promotion from Moccona – A Custom Coffee Mug

Moccona, a brand of coffee by the Dutch corporation Douwe Egberts, is offering a custom coffee mug as an on pack promotion. Customers will get a special offer upon purchase of Moccona Royal Gold coffee in Thailand.


Peppa Pig’s On Pack Promotion Easter Gift Set

Peppa Pig, the beloved Children’s TV show, has released an Easter Gift Set as an On Pack Promotion in partnership with Kinnerton. Offered as part of this on pack promotion is a child-friendly Melamine 3 piece Set. This gift set includes a Bowl, Spoon and Beaker with a Milk Chocolate Egg.



Promo candy dispenser – On pack promotions by M&M

Confectionery giants M&M’s are brilliant at offering varied marketing promotional and strategies. They have marketing on pack promotions in the past, and here is another great example of this. Included in this promotional pack is a promo candy dispenser, alongside M&M’s coveted sweets. This blog will show exactly why this is excellent thinking on their part.

Promo candy dispenser - On pack promotion by M&M

Promo candy dispenser – On pack promotion by M&M


On pack promotions – Gift bag offered by L’Occitane

Renowned cosmetics brand L’Occitane is currently promoting a variety of on pack promos. This is a great example of a brand offering high-quality gifts as an on pack promotion. They are a great way to make your product stand out from others. Keep reading to find out why this type of marketing campaign can help you and your business develop.



On Pack Promotions: Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereal

On Pack Promotions is a great way to distinguish your product among the increasingly hectic shelves of stores. This case by Kellogg’s with a free GAA jersey, training top and even a backpack in county colours for every sporty child that attends a GAA Cúl camp reflects a perfect way to incorporate on pack promotion.



Elle uses promotional products as on pack gift

The ELLE magazine offered a free umbrella as on pack gift, to raise their in-store sales. An umbrella is a commonly used product in daily life. Therefore branding on an umbrella will be seen by the customer very often, and besides the customer, many people will see your branding in the streets. This way it’s easy to increase brand awareness and product recognition with a branded umbrella.



On Pack Promotions: Coco Pops Breakfast Cereal

This case by Kellogg’s with a free custom promotional item of a spoon, on the front of the Coco Pops package, is a great example of an on pack promotion. The fact that Kellogg’s have gone with a personalized spoon, is a great way of below the line marketing, grabbing the attention of your potential consumers. However, the benefits of an on pack promotion are plentiful.



On pack promotion with a free tote bag

As part of their promotional campaign, Shloer is offering on pack promotions with their juice drinks. They offer an on pack tote bag for free when buying one of their products. Alongside offering the tote bag as on pack promotion, with purchase of Shloer juice drink, the costumer is able to claim a free OK! Magazines from the bottleneck offer. These kind of marketing campaigns are far simpler and will raise your sales in a short time.



Itoen Drink’s Interesting On Pack Promotion

Included with purchase of the Mugi tea drink, is a towel. This has been placed across the bottle neck to market Mugi tea to potential consumers. Due to Japan basking in the hottest summer months of the year and the Japanese tea drinking culture, by marketing a towel with their popular Mugi tea, Iteon will be able to attract a large audience. It is clear that the drink market is incredibly competitive; but by offering the towel as an on pack promotion, customers will choose Itoen over other competitors.



New On Pack Promotion by Coca Cola in Japan

This promotion is all about the bottle necklace container! The free gift is inserted into the bottle necklace and attached to the bottle, so you can’t see what gift you will get. They didn’t go really crazy on the gifts themselves, they stick to some very standard gifts such as: wristbands, earbuds and phone pouches. In order to make this on pack promotion workable, they had to find small and inexpensive gifts that would fit in the bottle necklace container.



Wow Every Child With This On Pack Promotion

Abbott is giving away a free mini piano as an on pack promotion! Simply purchase a pre-packed Similac Gain baby powder and walk home with this really cool on pack promotion. Parents will find that the mini piano being offered is a great gift for their children and therefore, will buy the product to get it. For a company increasing their sales is merely one possible incentive. There is plenty amount of surface area for the company to brand their logo or messages.



Useful On Pack Promotion: Classic Luggage Tag from Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers is giving away a free luggage tag as an on pack promotion. Simply purchase the twin pack Moscato and walk away with this useful on pack promotion. Luggage tag is considered a commonly offered on pack promotion gift. Its low production cost and how easy it is to manufacture and design. This allows a great range of customizability for various marketing campaigns or themes. The higher the customizability of the on pack promotions you offer, the easier you can brand them.



On Pack Promotions: Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereal

On Pack Promotions is a great way to distinguish your product among the increasingly hetic shelves of stores. This case by Kellogg’s with a free GAA jersey, training top and even a backpack in county colours for every sporty child that attends a GAA Cúl camp reflects a perfect way to incorporate on pack promotion. Not only does this give distinction to the product but also creates necessary value to the product that will increase satisfaction to the interested consumers.



Nestle launches Win a Cow On-Pack Promotion

Nestle launches a big promotional campaign for all its cereals brands, ‘Win a cow’ campaign is going to be featured as an on-pack promotion and online competition. This is a great way to stimulate customers to purchase the product and also to make the packaging more noticeable among the others on the shelf. This cereals are mostly targeting children. A chance to get a plush cow toy with their favorite cereals, will encourage them to ask their parents to purchase it for them.



On Pack Promotion and Giveaway by Red Label

The Red Label has launched a promotional campaign offering free mini bottle with the purchase of twin pack. It is perceived as a luxury brand, something that is special or to be relished, one of the components supporting this perception is an expensive price tag. Product is advertised as the perfect gift, which implies high standards. This campaign combines 2 techniques together – free gift with the purchase and on pack promotion. Both of them are great to use, when sales stimulation is needed.



Capri Sun launches Minion on-pack promotion

Fruit juice drink brand Capri Sun has entered into a mutual promotion agreement that is beneficial for both Minion Movie and Capri Sun. The Minion collectible items inside every carton of juice will encourage the consumers to buy more, in order to gather the full collection. Furthermore, sign ‘Limited Edition’ creates a sense of urgency, which can stimulate the customer to buy the product now instead of postponing the purchase.



Pull Back Quad Bike – On Pack Promotion by Marvel

The American based brand Marvel Publishing, Inc. is now offering a great on pack promotion deal with their magazine, Play Time. The on pack gift contains of a Spiderman pull back quad bike, which is branded in line with the cover foto of the magazine.


It is common to Marvel Comics to use on pack promotions in line with their magazines. It adds extra value to each single magazine, which makes it unique. Also, it makes every number of the magazine special, which gives differentiation and thereby the potential for creating more awareness. Therefore it is a great marketing strategy to make your product unique and by that tailor each product to a special target group in an attempt to raise sales.


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Whats the difference between In-Pack Promotions and On-Pack Promotions.   Apart from the obvious description, In pack means you often need to bundle product inside a standard or upgraded box.   This means that Packaging may need to be completely reworked.  Will you need more shelf space from your partner stores?   With On-Pack Promotions, products are generally more visible.  Which do you prefer ?

How does an on-pack promotion make a great marketing strategy?

It is a cost-effective strategy to attract more sales. Buyers may purchase more of a certain product to obtain a free gift. An on-pack promotion can also be a sample for another product, this is a great way of cross-promotion.

What are On-Pack Promotions?

n-Pack Promotions can be done in an endless variety of methods. They can be in the form of gifts with purchases, purchase with purchase, labels for lucky draws, etc.. To sum it up, on-pack promotions are essentially any marketing efforts that are advertised or attached with the packaging of the main merchandise.

How are On-Pack Promotions helpful?

This blog covers the top 5 reasons why we think you should be utilizing On-Pack Promotions, here are a few examples: 1. Customer Loyalty - On-pack promotions usually provide your consumers with an additional incentive, which would increase the likelihood of them being returning customers. 2. Cost-Effectiveness - On-pack promotions are generally considered to be on the more affordable end of marketing efforts. Despite their low costs, they often prove to be incredibly effective. Check out our ultimate on-pack promotions blog to see over 20 examples of successful and effective on-pack promotions.

Are On-Pack Promotions costly?

It depends from promotion. Some on-pack promotions could be an inexpensive branded item like a mug, a toy or a small tote bag. Items on the more premium side could be vouchers or even a cosmetic gift bag. The advantage of an on-pack promotion is the customizability and its ability to adapt and suit your marketing campaigns.

How does an on-pack promotion make a great marketing strategy?

It is a cost-effective strategy to attract more sales. Buyers may purchase more of a certain product to obtain a free gift. An on-pack promotion can also be a sample for another product, this is a great way of cross-promotion.