As more businesses focus their marketing efforts on digital outreach, a custom promotional gift is a valuable point of difference. These unique cork style bags are the perfect way to spark real-world conversation about your brand. Custom promotional items are a cost-effective means of reaching out to potential customers.

Custom Promotional Gift

Custom Promotional Gift

What we love about these cork style bags:

Customisable: A leather style patch has been left blank. This area is perfect to emboss your logo onto. A custom promotional gift is a great way to increase brand visibility in a tasteful yet effective way.

Fun design: Dark brown accents – seen in the trim, zips, and straps – pair well with the cork print.  Plus, custom cork products are certainly unique.

Options: There are multiple products available in this range. This enables you to pick the item which best fits your brand.

Fitting: While all customers are sure to value this product, it would be a well-matched custom promotional bag for an agriculture or construction company. The cork print, especially on the schoolbag, would also suit an office or school supplies brand.

Why invest in a custom promotional gift?

Loyalty: People will value the effort, time and resources you have invested in the gift. This goodwill is not forgotten quickly. One study found that 85% of people go on to do business with the brand who gave them a custom promotional gift.

Tangible: We click out of online advertisements and barely glance at the billboards we walk past. In contrast, a recent study found that people keep a promotional gift for eight months on average. Most then give these away after this period. Moreover, 89% can recall the advertiser even two years.

Longevity: Distributing high-quality custom promotional products will maintain interest in your brand for months – if not years. Think of a promotional gift as a sustained advertisement for your brand.

Exposure: An item should be fit for daily use but also unique enough to grab attention. Customer giveaways should be both practical and distinctive.

Custom Promotional Gift

Custom Promotional Gift

A promotional gift is an effective marketing strategy. Customers will use these items frequently, as long as branding is tasteful, the design is appealing and the product itself is practical.

A carefully considered custom promotional gift is a powerful part of a marketing mix. ODM are experts in designing and developing promotional gifts which will take your brand to the next level. Reach out today, and use product code 2346 to inquire about these cork style bags.

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