Silicone is a rubber-like material that has a wide range of applications. A non-toxic polymer made up of silica, it can withstand heating and freezing. Even when it undergoes extreme heat, it does not leach off toxic chemicals – unlike plastics. So here’s a cool self-setting silicone adhesive that you might want to check out. Unlike the previous silicone products we have featured before, this one is an all-around product that can be used as a filler, putty, and shaped into any funny shapes you can think of.

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What Makes this Innovative Promotional Product Great?

This silicone sealant is a self-setting adhesive that can be used to repair broken objects, create crafts, and patch holes in shoes, windows, and roofs. Unlike ordinary sealant, this one comes in a variety of shades so they look and feel like a play-dough. It is moldable, easy to use, and takes a little time to really cure. It bonds to almost any other material and cures by air-drying.

Innovative Promotional Product

Innovative Promotional Product


What are the Features?

Listed below are ways this innovative idea can toughen your brand’s marketing. Make sure to check them out!

1. They are Easy to Mold

This innovative merchandise feels like a play-dough. It is soft, durable, and is easy to mold. Moreover, it is also customizable into different shapes and forms that will suit your marketing need, ideal for DIYs and repairs.

2. Designed to Stick to as Many Other Materials as Possible

Undoubtedly, this self-setting silicone forms a strong bond to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, and other materials. You can make use of it for any item you like, and it will surely smoothly adapt to its characteristics.

3. Resistant to Hot and Cold Temperature

It is resistant from -50°C to + 130°C. It gets hot and cold, but it does not melt. You don’t have to worry about any inconvenience that might happen while using this self-setting silicone.

4. Suitable for Kids

What is great with this self self-setting silicone is that kids can also use it. Playing with it can help improve children’s hand-eye coordination and boost their self-confidence. Kids can use it to create keychains, jewelry, and miniature items just like modeling clay.

5. Functional and Customizable

100% customizable, you can make this self-setting silicone into any functional item you can think of. These silicone products are totally innovative and versatile.

Innovative Promotional Product

Innovative Promotional Product


How Can Your Customers Benefit from Them?

Convenience – This self-setting silicone can be a convenient item for everyday use. People can fill gaps and tears in household items and even mold them as containers or holders. Even though they come in a simple form, they are certainly customizable and bond easily onto different objects.

Innovativeness – Promoting innovativeness and creativity, teachers can incorporate these self-setting silicone products in their class. As an innovative promotional product, it is absolutely fun to use and engaging. Consequently, these are perfect for childhood and early developmental activities.

Room for Exploration – The self-setting silicone dries up after 24 hours. That time is enough indeed for consumers to explore and create an object that they want. They don’t have to feel in a rush so they can enjoy the beauty of molding.

Innovative Promotional Product

Innovative Promotional Product


What are the Marketing Advantages?

Useful Products are Valued by Customers

Undoubtedly, this self-setting silicone is a flexible, cost-effective DIY and repair solution for broken items. As they can also be used for crafting, customers would certainly appreciate its practical value.

Promotes Brand Name Effectively

Ideal for hardware companies and businesses that offer repair services, this silicone putty is a unique way to promote your brand. They can also be used to promote electronic gadgets. What can you gain from this product? People tend to remember brands that offer reliable and useful items that they can use around the house. This could improve their trust in your brand in the long run.

Builds Brand Awareness

You can create trinkets, protectors, containers, and holders out of this self-setting silicone. The convenience and innovativeness that it offers will allure customers and onlookers to check out your brand. Consequently, as a promotional product, it will build brand awareness and increase your brand revenue.

Connect with the Customers

A brand that promotes creativity and converting simple materials into astounding ones? Consumers will undeniably love it. It builds a good relationship between you and your target audience, allowing you to leave an impression that your brand can be their go-to. You will gain brand loyalty as a result.

Innovative Promotional Product

Innovative Promotional Product


Flexible and practical, this product makes a unique promotional idea for your business. It will absolutely provide your audience with innovative and functional material to recommend to their friends and family. Ideal for DIYs, crafting, and repairing broken items at home, this will surely get your customers talking about your brand!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kids Use It?

Certainly yes! Kids can use it but should be monitored and properly guided. Remind them to avoid putting these silicone products into their mouths.

Ho do I Use this self-setting silicone?

Silicone Promotional Products

You can use it to repair broken wires, fix broken handles, patch holes, create little toys and crafts, virtually anything that you can think of. Companies that sell DIY kits, arts and craft materials, and hardware may offer this as a business giveaway.

What is the Proper Way of Storing this Self-Setting Silicone?

Silicone Promotional Products

Make sure to store this self-setting silicone in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once cured, it will not soften and will remain firm for longer.