Have you ever considered offering a custom bathtub as a promotional product? We are not talking about the usual ceramic shower tub. At ODM, we love ingenious product designs that are not only beautifully-designed but functional as well.

Ideal for household marketing, we present to you: foldable plastic bathtub for the whole family! They can be made from silicone, TPE, PP, or a combination of any of these materials.

Custom Bathtub

Custom Bathtub

Designed with convenience and fun factor in mind, this can be used in the shower or be set up outdoors. This would also make a great household marketing merchandise idea. How? It is a useful product that appeals to a broad spectrum of customers- mom, dad, kids, teens, and the working group.

Marketing managers understand the importance of reaching out not just to individuals but to households. Not only does this broaden your reach, but it also makes your brand relevant and more appealing to a diverse group of people.


Custom Bathtub: Two Types

This one is a large capacity rectangle foldable bathtub. It comes with a cover with hole and container for shower paraphernalia.

Custom Bathtub

Custom Bathtub


This style, on the other hand, is collapsible and also comes with a cover.

Custom Bathtub

Custom Bathtub


Custom Bathtub Features

Collapsible and Foldable: If not in use, fold the bathtub and keep it in a safe, dry place. Because it can be collapsed and folded, it does not eat much storage space. In addition, it makes transporting easier for the family.

Material: The bathtub is made from plastic so it is guaranteed durable. With proper maintenance, it will surely last for years. Silicone was used for the linings, allowing the tub to be folded. It also makes it slip-resistant.

Durable: This large capacity bathtub is made from a durable type of plastic so it can hold a considerable amount of weight and water volume, thus customers will not have to worry about it getting cracks prematurely.

Custom Bathtub

Custom Bathtub

Safe to Use: Food grade PP is used in this product so there is no need to worry about leaching of toxic chemicals from the tub when exposed to heat.

Versatile: This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Kids love to play in the water, so this is a great summer idea. Unfold the bathtub and fill it with water and let the kids swim to their hearts’ content!

Functional Design: Portable and space-saving, this is really perfect for a bathroom that has a small floor space. It comes with a cover with a hole, a small basket on the side for soap and other items. Furthermore, the color can be Pantone-matched to your brand colors to create a more striking appeal.

Custom Bathtub

Custom Bathtub


Why This is a Good Household Marketing Idea?

Advertising Space: The bathtub has a wide space for logos and brand names. Companies can either print their identities on the cover or on the bathtub itself. As such, using the custom bathtub ensures high visibility for any company.

Targets Wide Range of Audience: This foldable bathtub is perfect for homes with small bathrooms or with no swimming pools. Parents will love this bathtub because unlike the traditional bathtub, this is non-slippery so this is safe to use by kids. Customers can also use this to soak in their favorite bath bomb after a long day at work.

Brand Recognition: We often receive branded kitchen supplies and household items such as branded apron, free plates, or branded drinking glasses. But we rarely see bathtubs being given away as a promotional item. As such, the novelty of a folding plastic bathtub will stay on top of your customers’ minds.

Continued Engagement: What we like about this bathtub is that it ensures continued engagement with the target market. People will use this for relaxation, which is a great time to promote your brand. When your target market is in a relaxed state, they are more likely to put their guard down and be more receptive to your message.


Other Hot Summer Promotion Ideas

Summer 2020 is somewhat different from other summers as many people now will be chilling at home rather than going out to the beach. Instead, they will be soaking themselves in the bathtub. Hence, this custom bathtub is a great summer promotional product. Here are some more summer promotional items you can consider having as giveaways or redemption gifts!


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Our Takeaways

This custom bathtub is more than just a household item. It offers tremendous brand exposure, an opportunity to promote your brand message, and improvement in sales. Customizing them gives your brand an advantage to stand out from the rest.


Contact ODM

So, would a custom bathtub help your promotions? If so, do not hesitate to contact our team with product code ODM-3030 for foldable rectangle bathtub and ODM-3029 for large capacity collapsible bathtub.

If you need help with promotional product designing and sourcing merchandise, feel free to contact ODM Group. We also help with factory selection and audit so you can be sure that your suppliers comply with international safety standards. Follow us for more exciting updates!


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