Promote your brand in style! Offering custom branded sunglasses to customers onboard an airline can be a cool way to advertise your company. Take a look at Izipizi, a popular eyewear brand. They advertised their foldable sunglasses in an airline magazine to cement their reputation as a “travel must-have.”

Custom Branded Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses

What we like about this product is its ability to be folded, which is perfect for frequent travelers. This could fit in passengers’ carry-on luggage or shirt pocket so they can use it right away. Their foldable sunglasses come in a custom branded gift box and a customized felt pouch to protect the screen from scratches! Beautiful and stylish, the style is suitable for both men and women.

Custom Branded Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses

So upon seeing this product, we were convinced that sunglasses can also be an effective marketing gift idea. Here’s why:


Why Offer Custom Branded Sunglasses?

  • Adds Value – Sunglasses are a must when you travel. There are many types and styles of sunglasses you can choose from. Not only will they protect your eyes from dust and sunlight, but it also improves your style. Therefore, sunglasses, as a promotional gift, can add immense value to your brand.


  • Walking Billboard – Like other wearable promotional items, sunglasses can serve as a walking advertisement. Customers will wear them when they go out for a walk, vacation, and even to work, gaining your brand daily exposure.


  • Different Styles for Different Individuals – Sunglasses never go out of fashion. And just about everyone owns at least a pair of sunglasses they use for special occasions. As managers, we know that our customers have varied preferences, which is why there are sunglasses for different types of people and lifestyles. We want to give customers a lot of options to choose from. The need for such an item is what makes it a feasible marketing gift idea.


  • Highly Fashionable – Sunglasses can make a huge difference in a person’s OOTD. It is protective gear and also a fantastic fashion accessory.


So, because we want you to succeed in your promotions, here are some creative tips on how to promote your brand with Custom Branded Sunglasses

  • Materials: Sunglasses can come in various sizes, colors, and styles. Metal, plastic, and rubber are the commonly used materials for the frame. When choosing the right frame material, choose the ones that are light and will provide optimal grip, something that will not slip off while customers are on the go. Check out this blog below to know why wooden sunglasses are the next big thing in fashion and marketing!

These sunglasses are made of wheat straw fiber which is biodegradable. Why not promote your brand in a sustainable way! Product Code is ODM-2902.

Custom Branded Sunglasses - Wheat Straw Fiber Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses – Wheat Straw Fiber Sunglasses

  • Designs: Of course, you want something that will suit a large segment of your audience. However, do not be afraid to break the mold! Be adventurous in choosing the colors and shapes but do consider the style.

Here are some interesting sunglasses designs:

June 28 is Sunglasses Day! Let’s celebrate this special day with sunglasses designs to roll out in your next campaign!

Custom Branded Sunglasses -

Sunglasses Day – Custom Branded Sunglasses –

Make your brand lit with these LED Sunglasses. They are great for night events like concerts, themed parties and clubs. Product Code is ODM-447.

Custom Branded Sunglasses - LED Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses – LED Sunglasses

These slap-on sunglasses is really innovative! When it is not in use, just slap them on your wrist. Plus, it is foldable. They are great to bring along to the beach or for a hike!

Custom Branded Sunglasses - Slap-on Sunglasses

Custom Branded Sunglasses – Slap-on Sunglasses


  • To Brand or Not to Brand?: Advertising with custom branded sunglasses is fun. We suggest printing your logos on less visible places to improve its aesthetics. Besides, you can offer them cases with your brand name on it so you can still subtly advertise your brand.


  • Summer Promotions: Do not let the harsh sunlight stop you from having fun! Foldable sunglasses similar to our example, make great summer companion. As they are foldable, they do not take up much luggage space. Who does not want that? Here’s a previous blog showing different color foldable sunglasses:
  • Surprise Customers with an On-Pack Gift: Custom branded sunglasses are perfect for on-pack gifts with cosmetic products such as sunblock and lotion. They can also be given away as gift on-pack with other fashion accessories, sporting goods, and apparel such as summer and sportswear. Are you wondering how you can pull off an on-pack promotion with sunglasses as the giveaway item? If so, read this blog:
  • Airline Promotion: Airline magazines are the perfect place to advertise your products and you can use sunglasses as gifts with purchase. For instance, offering these as free items with the purchase of a travel bag or luxury items.


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