This time, The Color Run is giving away their signature sunglasses with purchase of their tickets. This marketing product is indeed useful and highly successful! Read on more to find out why!

Marketing Product - The Color Run’s Sunglasses!

Marketing Product – The Color Run’s Sunglasses!

This marketing product is certainly a bright idea to promote your brand uniquely!  Easily customizable to promote your brand name, great location to market your brand and increase brand awareness with the sunglasses today. Shades are extremely useful for people who love the outdoors.This customized shades is fun, light and very practical to use. It can be a great gift during sports events, marathons and even for travelers!

What this marketing product will do for your business?

The sunglasses can be customized to your exact needs. The Color Run made use of striking colors in their marketing product – the sungalsses. The striking colors would attract attention from other people around. This results in people inquiring about your brand and company. This certainly boosts your marketing efforts and drive up sales!

Not only that, customizing your name on it, like The Color Run, would increase its exclusivity. This marketing product is unique with the customized brand name. Also, it becomes an extremely useful platform and tool to promote your brand. People wearing your shades around are promoting your name as they move. As such, your brand is marketed through word of mouth. People would purchase your items and sales will soar!

How else can you improve this marketing product?

As being environmentally friendly is becoming more essential nowadays, you can consider using recycled products in your marketing product. Not only does it put your brand name in a positive light, it also helps to build up your corporate social responsibility!

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