Have a look at that new advertising product idea of a Bluetooth speaker which can actually change its color, when your touching it. A promotion with such a promotional product would be very clever, as Bluetooth speakers are very popular on the market of portable electronics. This is also the reason, why such an advertising product will not only gain your brand awareness, but also your sales and the image of your company, as  a company which really knows, what their customers want.

Advertising Product: Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker

Advertising Product: Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker

This new advertising product offers a great way to gain an increase on your brand awareness. Your customers will take this product outside, for a relaxed evening with friends in the park, for example, where they could need some light, but also want to have their favorite songs played to get the right mood.

Your logo could be implemented in this Screen so that your brand logo will light up the parks and places where people meet to gather around. The Colors of this lighting Bluetooth speaker are customize-able to any brand or campaign you like. Also is the capacity of the battery inside of this speaker customize-able to your needs.

Why should you think about such an Advertising Product?

  • Brand awareness. This Bluetooth speaker will gain a lot of brand awareness and attention to your products and company, if you place the branding cleverly on this Bluetooth speaker. As such a product has a high practicality.
  • Practicality. A Bluetooth speaker is used nearly everyday by the young generation of your customers and has got a very important part, when the meet up to hang out together. So this is not a product, which will be thrown away easily.
  • Unique but effective. Such a promotional product will not be advertised by every brand. This kind of a Bluetooth Speaker is going to gain the attention just because of its design  and practicality, which will gain just because of that a lot of attention and brand awareness.

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