On the 10th and 11th July, we celebrate 2 popular Rum cocktails, the Piña Colada and the Mojito! To celebrate these tropical drinks, we would like to share some Custom Gift with Purchase ideas to shake up your promotion!

Custom Gift With Purchase

Custom Gift With Purchase – Pina Colada Day & Mojito Day

Don’t we all want to be in the ‘Tropical State of Mind’? Bacardi has captured the essence of being in the “Tropical State of Mind”, through the use of exceptional liquor packaging design and custom gift with purchase. In this Case Study, we will be focusing on Bacardi Carta Blanca’s Promotion.


Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Branded Speaker

We feel that giving a branded speaker as a custom gift with purchase is not only good for brand exposure, but also for sales. What is the relationship between music and sales? Well…

The University of Portsmouth has held research on the relationship between music volume and alcohol consumption. It was concluded that people tend to drink larger quantities of alcohol at faster rates when there is loud music. The researched also claimed that these beverages taste sweeter when listening to loud music. With a natural desire for sweetness, customers will have a tendency to drink more alcohol when in a boisterous environment. With customers consuming larger quantities of alcohol, they will be more inclined to purchase more on their next visit.

Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Bacardi opted for a small-sized white speaker. We are unable to tell firsthand if the speaker has Bluetooth capabilities, but considering the widespread use of Bluetooth, we assume it has.

Having a compact Bluetooth speaker is not only useful when drinking but also for other events such as social gatherings, and picnics. Its multiple uses allow for extensive brand exposure. The brand name is also printed clearly in black, alongside the words ‘evite el exceso’. Translated to English as ‘Avoid Excess’, we absolutely love the fact that Bacardi is adding subtle details to remind customers not to drink too much as part of their Corporate social responsibility.

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Branded Glasses

There are some who drink directly from the bottle, but for the rest of us, glasses are essential when drinking. Bacardi has definitely taken this into consideration by including 2 free promotional branded glasses when purchasing a 1.75l bottle of Carta Blanca.

Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Bacardi’s bat logo is printed on the glasses in white. There are also many white palm leaves to fill in the empty space and further add to the tropical vibe. We are unsure if the glasses are made of glass or plastic, but would prefer if it were glass. Why? Because it is possible for plastic to contain unhealthy chemicals such as BPA or PVC, and we definitely do not want that in our drinks! With glass, we can safely reuse it infinitely.

Bacardi could have expanded on the ideas of ‘essentials’ and add other promotional drink products like stirrers and custom jiggers to form a custom gift set.

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Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

Bacardi Goes Loud with Custom Gift with Purchase

To match Carta Blanca’s fruity and nutty taste, Bacardi has opted for a tropical design for their packaging. The packaging is mainly green in colour, thus the white label and white fonts contrast the packaging well. Not only does white give the impression of being complete and pure, but also coincides with Carta Blanca being a white rum. Alcohol is commonly used as a mean to ‘escape reality’, this also jibes with ‘tropical vibes’. Thus, Bacardi could have opted for a tropical design to further push Carta Blanca as being the go-to alcohol to get away from reality.

The choice of material used is cardboard. Cardboard is not only cost-efficient but also eco-friendly. Here is a case study on the benefits of using cardboard packaging.

Custom gift with purchase is a good way to boost sales as it gives customers more reasons to buy your product. By providing a gift with purchase, customers will feel that they are paying less for the product/service bought as they are getting something in return. With people more willing to spend on product branding, brands should leverage by making custom branded merchandise. When executed correctly not only does a gift with purchase boost sales but also improves the relationship between brands and customers.


ODM On-Pack Ideas for Rum Drinks

We also have come up with other promotional ideas that will definitely go great with your drinks or rum promotion!

Custom Cocktail Shakers

Custom Gift With Purchase - Custom Cocktail Set

Custom Gift With Purchase – Cocktail Set

A custom cocktail shaker is a great piece of equipment to have to mix up your favourite cocktails like Daiquiri, Mojito, or Mai Tai.

Custom Gift With Purchase - Custom Cocktail Pick

Custom Gift With Purchase – Pineapple Cocktail Pick

Why not decorate your Pina Colada with a Pineapple-shaped custom Cocktail Picks.

Pineapple Cocktail Glass

Custom Gift With Purchase- Custom Cocktail Glass

Custom Gift With Purchase- Pineapple Cocktail Glass

Custom glassware always makes great on-pack gifts for drinks companies. A custom shape glass will definitely pique the customer’s interest. For example, a pineapple-shaped cocktail glass.

Custom Muddler

Custom Gift With Purchase - Custom Wooden Muddler

Custom Gift With Purchase – Custom Muddler\

A custom wooden muddler is a great bartender tool to have to prepare some cocktail drinks such as the Mojito.

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