With so many competitors in the extremely saturated alcohol industry, it is tough for brands to stand out from the crowd. Even globally recognized brands are fighting with other brands to get the attention of customers. In such a competitive environment, brands have no choice but to come up with creative methods to differentiate themselves. Why not achieve that exact goal, by offering an alcohol gift set as a promotion! Read on to find out why alcohol gift sets are a great idea…

alcohol gift set

alcohol gift set

Check out this alcohol gift set born out of collaborative marketing between Fentimens, Captain Morgan, and Kraken. It features Fentimans’ Curiosity Cola and Ginger Beer, Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum, and Kraken’s Black Spiced Rum. Additionally, it contains a drinking glass as a free gift along with the set.

Check out this alcohol gift set from Woodford Reserve as well. It features a 200ml bottle of Woodford Reserve’s Straight Kentucky Bourbon, a small bottle of Woodford Reserve’s Old Fashioned Syrup, and a whiskey glass.

alcohol gift set

alcohol gift set

The back of the gift set box also contains detailed instructions on how to make the Old Fashioned cocktail.

alcohol gift set

alcohol gift set

Why you should offer an alcohol gift set promotion:

Attracts attention: A gift set on the shelves at the liquor section of any supermarket immediately catches the eyes of passers-by. This is because a gift set stands out significantly from the other bottles in the section. Hence, customers’ eyes would be immediately drawn towards the gift pack. This increases brand awareness, which is exactly the goal of any marketing campaign!

Opportunity for Collaborative Marketing: The gift pack also presents the perfect opportunity for engaging in collaborative marketing. Alcohol brands can collaborate with other similar brands to pool their resources. This allows for all of the companies involved to be able to undertake in more ambitious marketing campaigns, which they otherwise cannot undertake in by themselves. This is especially effective for smaller brands, as it allows them to work together to compete with bigger brands. This also leads to the creation of strong business relationships with further opportunities for future collaborative projects.

Highly Customizable: These gift packs are also highly customizable. You can print any logo, branding, color or pattern in the box of the gift set. You can also choose to add anything you want into the gift set. For example, you could add a promotional glass, other drinks, or even engage in collaborative marketing to include drinks from other brands in the gift set. A promotional gift set gives you the freedom to add anything you want!

Increases Brand Value: Providing customers with a custom gift set rather than just the product itself makes customers associate your brand with a higher value. This is due to customers getting more than just the drink itself. Customers will also compare your product to the other products on the same shelf. When they see your brand offering a gift set while other brands do not, they would inevitably perceive a greater value of your brand.

How we can help you:

Impressed by the marketing power of the alcohol gift set? Want one for your brand? Well, you are in the right place! We here at ODM can design, source and manufacture the perfect gift set for your brand. We have an in-house team of talented product designers who constantly design the lastest innovative custom promotional products. Feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help your brand with your marketing needs!

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