Whether you love whiskey, champagne, or other spirits, this drinks gift set promotion from Johnnie Walker goes well with any drink. Customers love the idea of receiving something from their favourite brands. It leaves a good impression on the customers which positively affects the brand in the long run.


Johnnie Walker Rewards Their Customers With Drinks Gift Set

Johnnie Walker Rewards Their Customers With Drinks Gift Set

Drinks Gift Set

Let’s check Johnnie Walker’s most-raved drinks promo gift ideas. In order to get these promo giveaways, customer needs to purchase a 1.75-litre bottle of Johnnie Walker Black. Their marketing gift set is neatly packed using a fully printed cardboard box. This is very important because our goal is to impress. For your reference, below is another great packaging from Oreo.


What’s inside Johnnie Walker’s gift pack?

They give out 3 bar items for every purchase of their product.

Why should your brand adapt Johnnie Walker’s marketing gift?

  • Increase Sales and Profitability – Getting this triple treat is like winning without actually trying. In simpler terms, this promotion is full of value. Customers will definitely not miss this marketing gift from this whiskey giant. Obviously, everyone will want to have these freebies. Therefore, this increases sales and traction. If you worry about the costs, the ODM team may assist you with any queries and will work something out of your marketing budget.
  • Good Items for Branding – Free products effortlessly boost your brand presence.  With Johnnie Walker’s freebies, all the items bear the great Johnnie Walker logo. Anyone who uses the items will always recognise the branding which builds brand visibility. The packaging also serves as a great medium to promote the brand.
  • Customisable – This must be the most important feature in these promotional items. It’s highly customisable and brandable.
Johnnie Walker Rewards Their Customers With Drinks Gift Set

Johnnie Walker Rewards Their Customers With Drinks Gift Set


Overall, Johnnie Walker finished strong with this brilliant marketing gifts. They obviously know what they are doing and that explains why they are always on top.

If you’re interested to start your own marketing gift promotion, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team will gladly assist you in your marketing and manufacturing queries.


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