These dazzling DIY LED Mood Lamps caught our attention at the recent trade show. Being a quite unique idea on the market, these easy-to-make custom mood lamps are not only beautiful, but they can be also a great idea for promo giveaway.

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Unique Promo Giveaways: DIY LED Mood Lamps

These “assemble-yourself” lamps can be great for business promotions because they are highly customizable and marketable. They can come in various designs, sizes and colours – but white looks the best in our opinion. The materials used here are super simple and cheap – just paper and PVC plastic –  which makes it very affordable but outstanding.

Lamps are great marketing gifts in general. Check out more ideas which we offer, for example this LED light with unique design:

Visually enticing lamp that make one crave for chocolate drinks! It’s a great example of a creative LED light design for marketing. The design is eye-catching, and will definitely stand out wherever you use it.

This new customizable LED mood lamp uses high quality materials and features impressive artistic designs. It’s elegant-looking that’s why it’s an ideal addition to living rooms and bedrooms. Moreover, the ability to be transformed into a cool promotional item makes it even more effective as a marketing tool. Below, we explain what makes it a great marketing gift:

DIY LED Mood Lamps as Unique Promo Giveaways

  • Customizable: Add personal touch to your custom mood lamps! They can be used as a desk lamp and it’s highly customizable. You can put paper with stenciled design inside and add some lights to make it look interesting. Customers can use own designs to personalize these lamps to their taste.
  • Two Tubes of Light: The lamp utilizes two tubes of flat lights. Since LED lights need less energy to light up they help cut down energy consumption. As such, you don’t have  to worry about increased electric bills. Marketing your promo gift as an energy efficient product will help boost your brand’s reliability.
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Unique Promo Giveaways: DIY LED Mood Lamps

  • Multifunction: The elegant design makes it ideal as home and hotel decor. They are also great as movie props because they give off a magical glow that can help improve set design. Branded custom LED lamps also make great corporate gifts as designs can be changed to suit your branding. In our example, you’ll see how these DIY LED lamps are used to promote beautiful tourist spots around the globe.
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Unique Promo Giveaways: DIY LED Mood Lamps

  • Branding Opportunity: These DIY mood lamp will make great window display or additional props for POS displays. You can also use it as company giveaways! Changing the inserts to brand visuals, patterns, logos, and colors will help highlight your brand.
  • Beautiful Design: Mesmerizing and fun to look at, these lamps can add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room. Incorporating it into your marketing display can make your POS stand or window display more appealing.

Our Takeaway:

To sum it up, this beautiful custom DIY lamp makes great promotional product because it provides marketers a chance to be creative in their campaign. Its elegant design is very captivating so using your brand as the primary design will help improve brand visibility. Moreover, the ability to be customized around your needs means it’s very versatile and effective in spreading the word about your business. It’s perfect for Christmas, corporate events, and anniversaries.

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