When looking to design a new promotional gift idea it is important to make it interesting. If also looking for a promotional gift idea that relates to chocolate then look no further with this truly unique LED lamp idea.

Promotional Gift Idea - Chocolate Cup LED Lamp

Promotional Gift Idea – Chocolate Cup LED Lamp

This lamp is designed to show colourfully designed mugs being tipped to show chocolate flowing out into a fancy looking white jug. If this doesn’t make you feel hungry then I don’t know what will!

What makes this chocolate LED lamp such a great promotional gift idea?

  • Design. This promo lamp is an example of creating a promo gift that is truly appealing. This cup lamp shade can be personally designed to feature your company logo, colours and brand, or to match any design and colour your please. The stand and the base of the lamp can be designed to represent different items of food or crockery for example. It is truly based on your imagination!
  • Brand awareness. These lamps are quirky and will stand out no matter where you place them, be it as an office desk lamp, in your house bedroom, study, living room for example. No matter people will be instantly interested in this promotional gift idea and will for sure want to know where you got it from.
  • Practical. Desk lamps are great for using, be it for reading, studying, working or just to make the room lighter, they add fun to your space! They would be a great idea for on pack promotions or as purchase with purchase ideas!

ODM with years of experience specialise in creating cool promotional products such as these LED lamps, so why not contact us today to create your own promotional gift idea.

The product overall is quite classic but the design is really nice!

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