When seeking promotional gifts that food-loving consumers can admire, we can’t leave out a custom-shaped night lamp. Based on that idea, the product should be able to take any form and still function like0 a normal lighting. Then you can make it special by branding and packaging it in a cool box. For a more specific sample, though, check out the rice cooker night lamp.

This marketing merchandise suits technically any client who looks for a unique home decoration. Whether they really cook or not doesn’t matter; having this item sends visitors the idea that they can. And, to the busy people out there, it helps them gain confidence as a homeowner.

There are also a few reasons why you should feel good about advertising this custom-shaped night lamp as an entrepreneur. Firstly, you can tell that the manufacturer did some product brainstorming before making it. The key features of an actual rice cooker are there, such as the metallic lid, plastic handles, and the button. The bowl color not only seems vibrant but appears similar to regular versions of the appliance too.

Secondly, the arm and the light bulb are neatly tucked inside the cooker. The former fits as well in the rectangular cavity in the middle of what’s supposed to be rice. It offers an element of surprise, therefore, to whoever open the lid.

Thirdly, the custom-shaped night lamp has a large surface area to print your logo on. You may use full-color printing on the topper, bowl and/or the rice, which boosts the item’s design appeal. That is your promotional product, after all, so you decide how much of it the logo will cover.

Excellent Factors of a Custom-Shaped Night Lamp

  • Rare. The millennial consumers seem to value GWPs that look a certain way but work in a different way. It helps them see that things can have other functions as well. Of course, the best example for that is the lamp.
  • Innovative. You can think of a hi-tech giveaway or a POS display, yet people already know what they are for. This custom-shaped night lamp, however, is fresh product that entices curious folks to stare at it. Its rice-cooker packaging is very unique in a sense too, so it may cause an increase in brand recall.
  • Organized. What’s incredible about this freebie is that customers will hardly notice where the cables go. An external cord is OK since all real appliance do have that, but the ones attached to the lighting are hidden.

If you handle a household brand or a cookware company, you should take a custom-shaped night lamp into account. It has a future as a advertising tool, for sure, because you can place your logo on various parts of it. People need the light it gives off too for daily tasks; that’s why the item may boost profits and brand awareness.

Should there be a specific marketing budget set for the campaign involving this product, feel free to speak with us. The ODM Group can help you with manufacturing in China, so it’s possible to even create the lamps in bulk.

Good luck!

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