ODM brainstorms a list of promo items for Telecommunication companies. This list can easily be used as a general guide for any Telco seeking to expand its market share and reward its key customers. This also showcases the sheer size of the work our buying office does.

In order to differentiate more easily the various type of promotional items showcased, we categorized them into many different following themes: Cell Phone mobility / Accessories / POS Promo / Gifts

Mobility: Want your battery life to be extended? Use the power of the sun to charge your phone? The following items provide accrued mobility and independence to your favorite communication items. Easier to carry, simpler to use, they are ideal promotional idea insuring added-value perception of your brand in the eyes of consumers.

  • Hand free device
  • Phone Bag
  • Emergency chargers(2)
  • Solar chargers
  • Earphone
  • Travel Adaptater
  • Cellphone Neck Case
  • Car Charger
  • Cellphone Arm Band
  • Phone Sheath
  • Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch
  • Mobile Pouch

Accessories: A must for any telcos firm, accessories for some of the items from which they derive their profits are key if they want to increase consumer goodwill. Phones, computer, electronics, etc… are the main products we targeted.

General Products:

Cell Phone Camera Features:

Cell Phone Music Features:

  • Head phone (2)
  • Speakers
  • Bluetooth Speaker Phone

POS Promo: POS promotions are among the most effective ways available to promote and support your product directly at the source. Be it to promote and event or attract onlookers with inflatable arch or simply increase brand fidelity and visibility with badges, magnet or mascots, POS promotion will do the job for you provided you pick the most effective tool for it.

Gifts: Familiar marketing technique to many, gift are meant to encourage people to purchase items or simply provide customers with a product they will bring home, thus reminding them of the brand on future occasion. Used across various industries, the most common distribution methods are gift with purchase, purchase with purchase and redemption promotion.

Keep in mind that creativity has no limits in the promotional world so this list is far from complete. Please feel free to add more products through the comment section!