If you’re looking for a practical and unique company promotional gift, consider giving away a custom power bank gift set. With so many designs and colors to choose from, power banks can offer huge branding possibilities.

We love this colorful custom power bank gift set because it’s unique and nicely labeled. Cute custom designs make these pieces worth collecting. Moreover, its packaging makes it gift-ready!

custom power bank gift set

Custom Power Bank Gift Set to Power Up Your Promotion

It’s important to develop a product design that meets your market’s needs while communicating your brand message. Here, we explain the benefits of using a branded power bank as a marketing tool.

Why Use A Custom Power Bank Gift Set for Your Promotion?

  • Freedom to Customize: The soft PVC/rubber material provides unlimited branding and design possibilities. You can create fun designs to make them more attractive. When used properly, it can help communicate what your company is and what it aims to accomplish. Take a look at this item:
custom power bank gift set

Custom Power Bank Gift Set to Power Up Your Promotion

  • Brand Exposure: Its portability allows users to carry your customized power bank wherever they go. More people can see your brand! This could arouse curiosity and motivate people to buy your product/service or support your cause.
  • Practical Gift: Power banks are extremely useful especially during emergencies. Your branded power bank will give your customers peace of mind. Hence, allowing your brand to be part of their every day life.

    custom power bank gift set

    Custom Power Bank Gift Set to Power Up Your Promotion

  • Builds Image: People perceive gadgets as “high-end” so this type of promotional gift can tremendously improve your image. Once they see your brand, they will associate it with “cool” and “high quality” gifts. If you truly want your brand to stand out, you should never use cheap power banks.


To make your promotional gift more appealing, use beautiful custom gift box or packaging. Alternatively, you may also put together a custom USB gift set. This will be perfect for students and office workers. Your customers will also love a power bank and USB combo gift collection.

Love this unique custom power bank gift set? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. ODM can help you with cool gifts that drive brand performance!

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Why choose a power bank?

Power banks are extremely handy especially in this time of immense technological advancement. More and more people are seeing the need for these kinds of tech accessories. Power banks are portable and can be carried about from place to place. What better way to stay in your customer's memory than on a device they might take everywhere and use everyday?

What else is in the gift set asides the power bank?

This particular set contains mini replicas of the brand in question's services. These mini figurines add some colour and spice to the promotion and can be used for indoor decorations or carried around. But the beauty of this is you can decide what you want in your gift set, you have the creative license to choose what you want.

Does the capacity of the power bank matter?

Not necessarily but we would advise that you go with an average of about 2500mAh. The higher the mAh, the longer the power bank will last and you want to give your clients/customers something of worthy value as opposed to something they will discard.