Planning to run a practical promotion that would surely the meet the needs and grab customer attention? Fret not! We will show you how to run a successful power bank giveaway. In our photo, you’ll see a sample power bank from Nivea. This promotion has been quite successful and we’ll discuss this in the next few paragraphs.

3 Tricks To Run A Successful Power Bank Giveaway

3 Tricks To Run A Successful Power Bank Giveaway

Nivea knows that as digital devices become more integral to our daily routine and activities, the demand to keep these devices running is also high. Therefore, by giving away this unique branded promotional merchandise, your client’s days of worrying about devices running out of battery at crucial moments are over.


How To Run A Successful Power Bank Giveaway?

It’s quite simple, I should say. All you need is follow these 3 items to fully maximise your promotion.

  • Unique Design – This is probably the first thing that people notice when it comes to promotional items. Customers would always value how a promo gift looks hence it is paramount to pay extra attention to your custom power bank designs. In Nivea’s case, they have nailed the whole design department. Their promotional power bank resembles their iconic packaging which we think is a smart move for the brand. Customers would appreciate the look of the power bank, therefore, they’ll definitely use this and not just forget about it.
  •  Quality – As serious as it may sound, quality should really be on top of your list. It is important to consider if the item went through quality assurance and ensure that it is safe to use. You don’t want to launch a massive recall just for a power bank that catches fire. After all, safety is always our utmost priority.
  • Features – Lastly, your power bank should boast several interesting features to spark the curiosity of the customers. But before we go deeper, we need to check for the following basic elements that should be considered:
    • Ensure That Your Item Has The Recommended Power Input and Output
    • Decent Power Capacity
    • Available Ports (Type and Quantity)
    • Extra Accessories

Now that we have listed a few recommendations running an awesome power bank promotion, it’s time to do the next steps and contact us so we may discuss your design plans for your power bank giveaway. Our ODM team can help you with cool gifts that drive brand performance.


Power Bank Designs:

We can’t deny the fact that there are hundreds of power banks available in the market. Many brands and companies offer different power banks that vary in size and features. This design with a leather pouch will definitely stand out from the crowd with its premium look. Moreover, the whole set of certification for international markets is available for this model.


Each item can be customised according to your preference. They’re tailor-made to fit the brand’s promotional needs. Just create your own design and transform an ordinary-looking power bank into something that grabs attention. If you’re unsure of your designs and needs professional help, simply contact ODM and they’ll do the rest for you. They also offer other great personalised promotional products.


The design is perhaps the most notable aspect of this power bank. The marbled design will catch the attention of your audience and leave a positive lasting impression. This pattern is crafted using an innovative printing method which creates the marble and crystal look.