Sunsilk, is currently offering an innovative on-pack promotion that includes a free mini masssager by Ogawa and two large bottles of Sunsilk Co-Creations. The branded promotional merchandise is bound together with the shampoo by a plastic wrap.

Branded Promotional Merchandise

Branded Promotional Merchandise

The brand continually propose promotions with their hair products, and improve the packaging of their shampoo bottles. This explains why they stay competitive in the market. Offering promo gifts can surely improve their sales, enhance their popularity, and gain them additional customers

Branded Promotional Merchandise

Branded Promotional Merchandise


What Makes this Head Massager a Good Branded Promotional Merchandise?

– Appealing: Appealing to clients that need to relax and treat themselves. Many working adults are exposed to a lot of stress. Their shampoo promotion is giving them the opportunity to take a break and pamper themselves with a limited-edition gwp head massager.

Branded Promotional Merchandise

Branded Promotional Merchandise

– Improve Brand Image: The product and the brand will both be associated with “feeling good” through their branded promotional merchandise. It will change its perception of the brand. Thereafter,  the client will automatically prefer Sunsilk over any other shampoo brand.

– Added Value: The branded promotional merchandise can increase the perceived value of the main selling product. The massager can be perceived as a high-end unique promo items because it is electronic and is quite pricey when bought separately. Furthermore, the “71% savings” primes customers to think that they’ll be saving more with this as opposed to buying smaller bottles without freebies.

– Boost sales: the customer will be encouraged to buy your product for all the reasons noted above. In time, high end marketing gifts, such as their electronic head massager, will extend their customer base.


Possible improvements: think practical and design

– To use a different promo gift could be a good idea. Everyone is exposed to a lot of stress, but not everyone really wants a massaging item. A shampoo promotion gift related to the product itself will seem more practical to the client. It can be, for example bath accessories, bath merchandise or shampoo merchandise. This could be a branded towel or custom travel bottles so that customers can downsize their large shampoo and conditioner bottles when they travel.

– Improve the brand packaging design : A better packaging design for this item could make it even more appealing. There are cost-effective yet attractive options such as full-print custom cardboard packaging.


So, if you’re looking to manufacture your very own branded promotional merchandise, just contact The ODM Group. Our product designers and merchandisers will assist you from product brainstorming all the way through designing, sourcing, and manufacturing. So, feel free to get in touch with us.


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