Designing drinks packaging can be a daunting task. You want your drinks packaging design to stand out on the shelf. But at the same time, you also want it to be relevant and meaningful.

For example, this promotional gift set by Tanqueray which consist of Tanqueray Mini, Glass, and Carousel Truffle, is making a good impression on customers.

Drinks Packaging

Drinks Packaging

The green packaging box with bow is appropriate for Christmas. As such, people are more likely to buy this product now more than any time of the year. And this can help increase their in-store sales. Moreover, a 3-in-i deal can be a great way to earn new customers.

A well-designed packaging is important in raising awareness about your brand. This is because people are drawn to beautiful things and a well-designed brand packaging design is more likely to capture their interest.

So, what are the factors to consider when designing your own drinks packaging?


4 Factors to Consider When Designing Drinks Packaging

1. Do Consider the Material: Plastic and cardboard boxes are a marketer’s fave choice of material. This is because there’s an abundant supply of these materials and MOQ can be quite cheap when ordering in large volumes. However, if you’re putting together a custom gift set, cardboard boxes are ideal because they are fairly inexpensive and quite easy to customize. In addition, they are eco-friendly as they are recyclable.

If you like environment-friendly packaging materials, you might want to consider using cornstarch packaging and sugarcane packaging. They are a great alternative to paper and plastic. With these, you can have durable packaging while minimizing your carbon footprint.


2. Printing: High-quality prints are important in building your image as a brand. There are different printing methods / technology for packaging. The most common are offset, digital, and flexo.

In digital printing, the image is transferred from a device such as computer onto your packaging material through large-format printing or high-capacity commercial inkjet/laser printers. It’s fast and affordable and provides high-quality graphics on various materials.

Offset printing is great for large volume printing projects as it is fast and can handle various paper types and thickness.

Flexo is ideal for a wide range of products such as corrugated cardboard packaging, stationery, wrappers, and even plastic bags.

To know your printing options, it’s best to speak with your product designers who have direct contact with gift box factories.


3. Display The Benefits: In our example, the on pack gifts are on full display. The cut out shows what’s included in the box, which keeps customers interested.


4. Keep It Simple: Make sure that the colors blend together and use appropriate typeface and size to maintain a cohesive design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Here’s a good example of an innovative packaging design from Babycham. The brand used shiny pink and blue sequined bottle sleeves and glossy box packaging.



How ODM Can Help

We have a team of designers that specialize in product, graphic, and web design. Do you need assistance with designing drinks packaging, personalized promotional products, and unique branded gifts? We can help you out. So contact our team today.


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