There’s only one word to describe Babycham’s packaging design : “original.” Their creative drinks packaging is hard to miss especially the sequined one.

Trendy and Creative Drinks Packaging Ideas to Win Customers

Trendy and Creative Drinks Packaging Ideas to Win Customers

Babycham used sequined bottle sleeves for their champagne sold individually while they opted for a shiny turquoise custom branded gift box for their promotional gift set. Their choice of color is unique and fitting for their brand image.

Let’s take a closer look at their packaging.


Why This Design Rocks:

There’s something special about this sequined bottle packaging. The materials reflect light nicely, adding an interesting texture to the whole ensemble.


Creative Drinks Packaging

Creative Drinks Packaging

We like this packaging because:

Sparkling: Babycham is a brand of sparkling perry and this is conveyed through their shimmering bottle packaging. Pink and blue are perfect for their light and refreshing drinks.

Innovative: They could have gone with the old cardboard packaging route, but they chose to make a bold statement with sequins. And this decision proved to be a good one because these bottles are truly captivating.

Fun Atmosphere: Looking at the bottles, one can’t help but catch the fun vibe Babycham is trying to convey. This makes an excellent gift for housewarming parties, corporate dinner, and birthday celebrations. This is similar to Absolut Vodka’s previous custom designed packaging for their product


Why We Love Their Gift Set Packaging?

Babycham used a turquoise glossy cardboard for their gift set. Again, they took advantage of the glossy and shiny packaging for their products, which is great as it makes the product stand out in shelves.

Creative Drinks Packaging

Creative Drinks Packaging

The color goes well with their brand design- cool and invigorating. Additionally through the cut out, we can see that they are offering a drinking glass and bauble as on pack offer. And this is a great conversion tactic as customers who initially did not have any intention of buying the product might be tempted to purchase because of the 3-in-1 offer.

It’s also good that they used on-pack promotions because the items serve as thank you gift for their purchase. Furthermore, the cocktail glass is branded so it makes an interesting conversation starter at parties.

On the other hand, at first glance the bauble doesn’t seem to have any connection with the drink. However, since the gift set was a Christmas promotional offer, a gwp bauble made sense.


Quick Tips for a Creative Drinks Packaging

Always keep in mind that you are not only competing for shelf space but for customer’s attention as well. Thus, it is important to pay attention to your brand packaging design so that your product don’t get pushed in the background. Here are 3 super easy tips for an eye-catching creative drinks packaging that customers will surely notice:

  1. Think Outside the Box: The bolder, the better- that’s what we learned from Babycham. And here’s another good example from Remi Cointreau:

It looks heavyily-designed but customers will surely be drawn in when they see the packaging. You can tell that the designers put a lot of effort into making this one. Furthermore, the little barrels represent the aging process of this cognac.


2. Make It Multifunctional: It’s great if you could still use the packaging long after the drinks have been consumed. This prolongs brand engagement and exposure. For instance, this canvas bottle wrap by Bulleit. The packaging can be used to crush ice as well as for storing small items such as travel-size shampoo bottles and grooming items.


3. Source Natural and Sustainable Materials: Take advantage of the green marketing boom by using sustainable materials instead of plastic. More and more people are becoming eco-conscious in their purchases, and it’s our responsibility as business owners to provide their needs. So, an eco-friendly packaging can give customers logical reason to convert to your brand. There are so many eco-friendly packaging options today and one of them is Bio Pet:


We Can Help

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