Moet & Chandon, also simply known as Moet, is a French fine winery. Moet et Chandon is one of the largest champagne producers and a prominent champagne house in the industry. At a supermarket in Singapore, the Moet et Chandon custom drinks packaging caught the eye of our ODM staff. Here’s why!

Custom Drinks Packaging That Your Customers Will Want to Toast to!

Custom Drinks Packaging That Your Customers Will Want to Toast to!

Why Packaging Design Matters

While we’re all familiar with the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. This idea disappears when it comes to a customer’s making purchasing decisions. An average supermarket carries about 40,000 products and it becomes an important task for brands to attract customers’ attention. The packaging of your brand’s product is one way of portraying your brand’s unique identity. Essentially, in the eyes of consumers packaging is the product, custom brand packaging affects the perceived quality of your product.

So, while appearance is not everything, it sure does play a big part in influencing your customers to pick one brand over another.

Custom Drinks Packaging That Your Customers Will Want to Toast to!

Custom Drinks Packaging That Your Customers Will Want to Toast to!

A Toast to Moet et Chandon’s Champagne Packaging Design! Here’s Why:

Tells a Message

Each type of champagne was packaged individually into their own design, each packaging able to portray what each champagne embodies. The Moet et Chandon Rose Imperial was packaged in an iridescent rose gold plating across a black cardboard base. The Rosé Impérial is a spontaneous, radiant, romantic expression of the Moët & Chandon style, and its elegant maturity. The Grand Vintage 2008 and 2009 has a sleek and clean finish to represent the strong vintage house spirit.

The words that packaging can say to a consumer. Portraying your brand’s identity and your product’s personality.

Visual Appeal

We love the colour pairings and sleek designs of the packaging that embodies the elegance of Moet et Chandon as a brand and their champagne. Now with the increased presence of social media and exposure to global media, consumers demand variety, uniqueness, and aesthetic appeal in products presented. The plated gold paired with the matte black base creates adds a luxury value to the brand.

Make Great Gifts

Champagne are common gifts at celebrations, weddings, birthday parties or dinner parties as a thank you for the invite. Custom drinks packaging makes it effortless when consumers are choosing champagne to present as gifts to friends on occasions. Pretty packaging to customers with this in mind will add plus points when deciding on which product to buy.

Brand Remembrance

People are in general visual creatures. We remember things that are visually pleasing to the eye. Unique and pretty things make an impression in consumer’s that lasts! When a consumer remembers your packaging, and with your brand logos and colours imprinted your brand stays in your consumer’s too.

Drive Sales

With unique and beautiful packaging your products will be standing out from competitors on store shelves. Packaging plays a huge role in the influence of consumer’s purchase decisions, visually appealing packaging makes excellent promotional tools in stores. That will boost your business sales.

Custom Drinks Packaging That Your Customers Will Want to Toast to!

Custom Drinks Packaging That Your Customers Will Want to Toast to!

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