When it comes to marketing, it’s necessary to use a custom branded packaging that communicates what your brand is and what it stands for. In this blog, we will be using Passion as a case study, as we were greatly impressed by its wooden packaging. We will be sharing 3 tips on how to create a classy branded wooden packaging, to help you gain new customers and boost your sales!

Branded Wooden Packaging

Branded Wooden Packaging


What are the 3 Ways to Create an Attractive Branded Wooden Packaging?

1. Make the packaging relevant to your brand

One way to create an attractive branded wooden packaging would be to make it relevant to your product. For instance, if your company sells cookies, you can design your packaging in a cookie shape. We like the fact that Passion has made its packaging in a barrel shape. This is because barrels are used to store wine, and customers will immediately associate the barrel shape with high-class wine.

2. Do not over-design

Another important aspect in making an attractive branded wooden packaging is to use appropriate designs. It is important that your company does not over-design its packaging. This is because an over-designed packaging can be seen as an overkill, and may turn customers away. As you can see, Passion’s promotional packaging design has a simple, yet classy design, which helps pull in customers.

In this picture, you’ll see that Passion has utilised a crate-like packaging to market two of their wines together. It’s simple, yet the vintage appeal of the wine packaging is evident here.

Branded Wooden Packaging

Branded Wooden Packaging

3. Incorporate promotional aspects into your packaging

To ensure an effective and attractive branded wooden packaging, it is vital to that the packaging reflect your promotional campaign. For instance you can add a promotional offer, such as a complimentary gift with purchase attached on the packaging, creating an on pack premium. This is a great way to make your packaging attractive, as customers love add-ons.


All in all, a high quality custom wooden box can help to increase customer engagement, and improve your company’s sales, taking you to the next level! If you are interested in creating a creative custom wooden packaging for your brand, feel free to contact us today! Here at ODM, we specialize in custom promotional products and displays. So, we can help make your promotional product ideas into reality!


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