Shoppers are treated to a wonderful on pack premium gift from Colgate! They will get exclusive LINE merch when they purchase a box of their product. Each box contains two Colgate toothpaste and LINE bowl with plastic lid.

How Colgate Use On Pack Premium for Customer Retention

How Colgate Use On Pack Premium for Customer Retention


Each promo gift bowl features a LINE friends character. With an on-pack promotion, customers get more value for their money. Here’s why:


How Colgate’s On Pack Premium Helped Reel In Customers

  • Limited Edition: Being limited edition makes the product more appealing to collectors and users of the messaging app. It’s collectible and gives customers bragging rights.
  • Great Use of Brand Design: The pastel colored bowl are truly pleasing to the eyes. The use of trademark brand colors really helped the box gift set as well. Our takeaway, make sure to make your message clear especially in your brand packaging design. With the designs, customers are able to tell that this is a collaborative effort from Colgate and LINE. In the past, Colgate released ceramic bowls with Sesame Street characters design. It was effective because the designs are child appropriate. Also, it attempts to make brushing a fun activity.
  • Practical Value: The on pack bowl will definitely be used during breakfast or for keeping left-over food. Useful and practical, customers will be immersed in the brand every time they use it.
How Colgate Use On Pack Premium for Customer Retention

How Colgate Use On Pack Premium for Customer Retention


We certainly like this on pack premium as it is not only practical and visually appealing, but it is also effective in driving impulse purchase. This is because the idea of getting a free product is a powerful motivator. The reward itself pushes customers to make a purchase. Moreover, some customers might switch to the brand afterwards because they know they get something in return. Talk about effective gift with purchase!



We believe that Colgate would have made stronger impact had they used a POS display unit for their products. Because the competition inside shopping stores are really hectic, it is important to be able to impress customers from the get go.

How Colgate Use On Pack Premium for Customer Retention

How Colgate Use On Pack Premium for Customer Retention

Also, with a POS display, they will be able to execute their campaign more effectively. They can add custom shelf talkers and banners to announce their promotions. As point of sales appeal to the senses, customers are able to form wise buying decisions as they enter the shops.


How ODM Can Help

Here at ODM, our team can help create effective promotional products and custom promotional giveaways for business as well as stunning custom POS displays and bespoke retail display. Send us an email to learn more about how we can help your business grow. We design, source, and manufacture promotional items.

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