When it comes to in-store marketing, a cardboard FSDU may well prove to be an economical and excellent investment. This example by Mars for their brand line, Dove will show you why.

Dove Ramps Up Campaign with Cardboard FSDU - Why You Should Too

Dove Ramps Up Campaign with Cardboard FSDU – Why You Should Too

Our team spotted this customized free standing display unit at a shopping store in Asia. It’s simple and straightforward. Found in the confectionery section of the store, it stood out because of its color and utilitarian design.

Also you’ll see that the side is branded. This way, shoppers coming from the side will be able to see the brand right away.

Dove Ramps Up Campaign with Cardboard FSDU - Why You Should Too

Dove Ramps Up Campaign with Cardboard FSDU – Why You Should Too


It’s easy to assemble and the size is just right so it can be moved around the shop with ease. Merchandisers can place the display near the counter or near the window without much hassle, saving them time and energy.


Dove Ramps Up Campaign with Cardboard FSDU - Why You Should Too

Dove Ramps Up Campaign with Cardboard FSDU – Why You Should Too

The thick cardboard material lends durability and stability to the custom POP display. In addition, the large sign above the shop display is telling customers to come and pick from their selection of sweet goodies. Its overall design gives Dove a better chance of recognition.


Why Should You Opt for Cardboard FSDU?

  • Customizability: FSDUs come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them a fantastic in-store marketing solution. POS display manufacturers will offer you designs to go with your campaign or work with your existing designs. Luckily, our Mindsparkz team can offer design customization so you can have a lot of options. If you want, we can transform your 2D designs to 3D blueprint!
  • Cost-Effective: This type of POS display is a practical investment because the materials used are relatively affordable. A unit will last you a lifetime. As such, the benefits far outweigh the initial setting up costs. This saves you money and energy to build POS display units every time.
  • Space Saving: FSDUS are a great way to save shop and shelf space. Customizing gives you more freedom to determine the dimensions, printing, and style of your unit. Take a look at this small, yet aesthetically appealing POS display from Le Fruit in Vietnam. It’s also lightweight so merchandisers can move them anywhere within the shop floors.


  • Application: Freestanding shop displays are suitable for any products – chocolates, condiments, and beauty products- and campaigns – marketing drinks, beauty promotions, and more. As this advertising tool is flexible, it ensures maximum brand exposure and performance!

Would you be needing a free standing display for your campaign? Do send us an email to learn more about how we can help design and manufacture your very own cardboard FSDU.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are FSDU's used for?

FSDUs serve many purposes like promoting new product launches, seasonal promotions, cross-selling, and can even be used as a form of storage when there are no spaces on shelves.

Where can these cardboard FSDU's be used at?

It is important to place these FSDUs in prominent locations with high human traffic. This could be at entrance to stores or at checkouts and even at the end of an aisle.

Is cardboard a suitable material for an FSDU?

Cardboard is a good material. This is because firstly, it is a material that incurs low cost. Secondly, it is durable and long lasting. Thirdly, it allows for easy brand customisation with its easy to print material.