One of the best and practical ways to spread the word about your brand is the use of an advertising easel. It’s cost-effective and really nifty! This example is from Regatta, a clothing line in Asia. The brand used a sturdy easel to announce their ongoing sale.

Advertising Easel - Cost-Effective In-Store Marketing Solution by Regatta

Advertising Easel – Cost-Effective In-Store Marketing Solution by Regatta

Our team spotted this marketing tactic in a shopping mall in the Philippines. We love how the easel fit in with the overall look of the shop. It’s artsy and most importantly, very affordable.

We found this second example by Tokyo Tokyo at a shopping mall in the Philippines and we love how this helped the brand gain more customers. It was located outside the shop so passersby can see it as they walk around the mall.

Advertising Easel Display

Advertising Easel Display


What We Love About These Advertising Easel Displays:

  • Colorful Poster – What better way to stimulate appetite than using visually-enticing posters that feature your best sellers? The color, typography and the visuals used all allude to Japan and the Japanese culture. While Regatta capitalized on their ongoing sale by using a “Sale” poster.
  • Reusable – The posters can be replaced with a new one after this promotion.
  • Portable – Because the easel is foldable, it can be transported in and outside the store with ease or put them in high traffic areas inside the mall

Providing a unique way of presenting brand message, an advertising easel can help improve brand differentiation. They easily make a unique POS display for events, music fest, art exhibits, clothing stores, and even coffee shop marketing. Moreover, a custom promotional easel adds texture to the visual display.

Is an advertising easel right for you? here’s why you need it too!


Why Use an Advertising Easel?

  • Functional and Economical: An advertising easel offers a lot of advertising benefits at a pocket-friendly cost. What’s is great with easels is that you only have to change the poster to suit your campaign. You can reuse it for many years, which is why it is cost-effective. Plus, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor promotions.
  • Can be Custom-Made: In our example, Regatta used a wooden advertising easel. Of course, marketing managers can use other materials other than wood. Easels come in different dimensions, colors, and styles, so speak with our Mindsparkz team for design options.
  • Space-Saving and Lightweight: Since it is lightweight, it makes it easy for merchandisers to move them. As you can see from the picture, greeting the customers is their advertising easel. This POS display does not get in the way of shoppers and is not too big that it covers half the store door.
  • Short Lead Times: Advertising easels have shorter lead times in terms of manufacturing as compared to more bespoke custom POS displays. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it is also time-saving.

So, if you are looking for an advertising tool that will not break the bank, then why not try an advertising easel for a change? They also add an artsy and sometimes vintage appeal to your presentation.


How ODM Can Help

Feel free to speak with our merchandisers if you need help with creating your very own custom advertising easels. We help design, source, and manufacture POS display units and promotional products for business. Contact us!

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