Easy on the eyes and an excellent marketing tool. This easel lets you create a unique POS display that can raise awareness for your promotion.


Unique POS Display


unique pos

Easel-y a great idea to make a unique POS Display


Whilst visiting a department store in Hong Kong. We spotted this unique POS display outside various stores. These stores included Moda SHU and Mabelle. As you can see from the pictures above. These easels have a marketing poster displayed on them. This advertises to passers-by, the promotion in store. Being a large POS, it is likely to grab the attention and interest of passers-by.  They may then go in-store to investigate on what products may be in the promotion. This unique POS as a result is likely to influence the customer to purchase an item due to the reduced prices. This POS as a result can convert a passer-by into a customer. Couple this with increased footfall into the store. Then this Unique POS as a result is more than likely to increase revenue for the store. The easel can also be re-used.All you simply need to do is change the poster. Using this easel to market your promotion allows your promotion to stands out. It will be more successful than compared to merely sticking a poster on the window.Is also perfect for displaying various seasonal promotions or in-store promotions. At ODM we have previously been able to source easels for not only stores but for various clients at their trade fairs or events.


Investigating the Unique POS display


Unique POS

Easel-y a great idea to make a Unique POS display


The MaBelle unique POS on the right hand side has cleverly incorporated a QR code into its display. It allows busy passers-by to simply scan the code to discover more about the promotion. This is a great way in which companies can improve brand engagement. QR codes being used apart of promotional products or advertisements, is also becoming a new trend you might want to keep an eye out for or possibly to incorporate into your marketing campaigns.  Also below the poster is a shelf that allows passers to grab leaflets. On the left hand side moda SHU have gone with a simple design.Its simplicity allows the message of the promotion to be communicated simply. Big and bright its likely to attract many customers. Here at Mindsparkz we have previously developed promotional displays for various clients. They have always been extremely satisfied with the marketing displays. Inquire today to see how we can kick-start your campaign.


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