A promotional POS display plays a key role in a marketing campaign and is one of the strongest marketing tools to increase your sales. Thinking of how to present your goods to the customers in order to get the maximum level of attention to it? Look no further. In this blog post we would like to share this great idea for a promotional POS display.

Promotional POS display in China

Promotional POS display in China

How can a promotional POS display help you in your marketing?

This promotional POS display was spotted in one of the biggest convenience stores in Zhuhai, China. It caught our attention immediately.  With it’s unusual and creative appearance, this POS is a great idea for any drinks promotions.

The unusual vintage shape attracts a lot of attention from the visitors who just pass by. The promotional POS display has three different sections and due to the large size it can present a large variety of products. It has a classic and old-style look and would be perfect for advertising goods not only in the stores but also on  banquets and other events.

When thinking about your next marketing campaign don’t forget that the appearance of the products plays a critical role in the decision making process. Therefore it is also very important how you present them. A successful POS will make a good influence on the consumer and will push him to make a purchase. The POS should be eye-catching and convincing.

It is strongly recommended to create a good design for your point of sale. A POS with an interesting design gives a positive message to your customers and strengthens the brand identity. It’s always good to personalize the point of sale – make it in the corporate style and colours, brand it with the logo of the company to increase the visibility. It will attract new customers and will show the loyalty of your current accounts.