This amazing marketing display by Chanel for their promotional campaign is currently taking place in Taipei airport. POS is a strong and effective marketing tool which can help you to increase the brand awareness and attract maximum customer attention. Every day there are thousands of people passing by stores in the airport and it can be tough to make them stop and come visit your shop. It is one of the most eye-catching displays currently used in the duty free zone at the airport.

marketing display

Marketing display

How can a marketing display help you to boost sales?

As you can see on the picture below the marketing display is made in a round shape which can be associated with Chanel brand and Chanel Chance fragrance bottle. LED light makes the POS brighter and more visible, which helps to attract more attention of the customers. A little elegant table has an actual POS function and presents the variety of fragrances. It looks stunning and would perfectly work for the beauty and cosmetics marketing.

Marketing display in duty free store

Marketing display in duty free store

There are many ways of customizing marketing displays. Based on the budget and corporate style you can choose different materials, such as plastic, acrylic, metal, cardboard, wood, etc.   Chanel is a luxury cosmetics brand and as you can see they are using an incredibly high-end marketing display.

It is important for marketing displays to have a large area for branding for better visibility of the logo and at the same time it should carry the marketing message to the customer. The POS can be complemented with LED lights or neon lights. Illumination will make the display look shiny and make its design more eye-catching.

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