In today’s day and age, because of increasing celebrity influence, the cosmetics industry is growing at a massive rate. As such, the industry has become a lot more competitive than ever, and it is vital to gain a competitive edge over other brands. Here’s where Lancôme comes in! Lancôme is one of the largest and well-known cosmetics brands, and they have achieved this through effective marketing.

While out and about, our team chanced upon some Lancôme cosmetics products, and we were highly impressed by its cosmetics marketing strategy!

Cosmetics Marketing

In this case,  Lancôme used a POS display to market its free gift promotions – where customers would get a free gift if they spent more than US$250 on Lancôme products.

What do we like about Lancôme’s cosmetics marketing?

There are numerous things that we like about Lancôme’s cosmetics marketing, and they include:

  • Prominence: Lancôme uses a POS display rack to market its products, and this helps market the cosmetics effectively as the displays are large and visible to customers who walk into the store.
Cosmetics Marketing

Cosmetics Marketing

  • Exclusivity: The cosmetic product display helped to make Lancôme’s products exclusive by highlighting their best-selling items. This certainly helps to bring attention towards Lancôme’s products, and away from that of its competitors. What have we learned from this? Having a custom-designed free standing display will help to drive sales for your company.
  • Variety: Instead of simply displaying one product on the rack, Lancôme chooses to display a variety of products together. This would help to improve product sales, as customers would be tempted to choose more than one product to purchase.
Cosmetics Marketing

Cosmetics Marketing

  • Affordability: Using such marketing methods is definitely cost-effective as such displays do not cost a bomb to use. Marketing managers can reuse them for their next campaign. As such, they are an effective marketing tool if you have a marketing budget to meet.
Cosmetics Marketing

Cosmetics Marketing

We also like Lancôme’s use of a free gift promotion, as they appeal to customers’ needs. This is because free add-ons make it seem like customers get more value out of their money.

Furthermore, the free gift that is offered can also help to increase brand exposure. As the customer uses the cosmetic marketing gift  in their daily lives, their friends and family may notice the branded giveaway and be intrigued by it. This can thus be an opportunity for your brand to be spread further, and ultimately bring in more customers.

Would such cosmetics marketing methods help to improve your company? If so, feel free to contact us! Here at The ODM Group, we specialize in such premium displays, as well as custom promotional products for the beauty iundustry. Therefore, you can be sure that your marketing and advertising needs will be well fulfilled with us!

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