When a customer walks into a store, which promotional products would he or she be attracted to? Premium displays immediately spring to mind! Chances are, if you compare a product that is being shopped on a premium display, compared to one that is simply on an ordinary shelf, the product on premium displays would be chosen.

Just look at this sophisticated custom POS display by SK-II. SK-II uses a premium display to market its complimentary custom cosmetic pouch at a cosmetics store in Ho Chi Minh City!


Premium Displays

Premium Displays


Now, why do we like the idea of Premium Displays?

Firstly, we like the idea of having a premium display, as these displays are extremely visible. You can place these POS displays at the front of stores, making it extremely visible for customers. This helps to create an effective first point of contact, thus benefiting the brand. Apart from that, it could also lead to drive impulse purchase, as customers are attracted to products that they did not initially plan to purchase.

Secondly, these premium displays provide a company with exclusivity. With such displays, only your brand’s products will be displayed. This helps effectively bring a customer’s attention to that particular brand, and away from any competing brands. This would also benefit your company, as the customer might purchase your product upon first sight.

Lastly, these displays are extremely customizable. You can customize such displays in many ways to fit each individual company’s needs. For example, you can fit the display with LED to make it more prominent to the customer. You can also customize the shape of the display to fit your company’s needs. There are many things that you can do to a premium display, which is why we like it.

In summary, there are many benefits to having premium displays. Use it correctly, and you could see your sales skyrocket. With that, your brand name would also improve.


Something to Note

Remember, aside from premium displays, there are many other promotional tools that your company can use to boost its brand. These include in-pack offers, on-pack offers, and complimentary gift with purchase. Furthermore, you can use many of these promotions together, which would help to further boost your brand.

Could the use of premium displays help your company to improve sales? If so, ODM can certainly help! Feel free to contact us today! We specialize in design, manufacturing, and shipping! With us, you can ensure an easy and fast process of promotional products for your company!


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