In any store, a good display can make the difference between a product being sold, and a product that simply collects dust on the shelf. Prominent store displays stand out and attract customers to the product. This promotional product idea in turn enhances the brand awareness of a product, thus leading to more sales.

Store Displays

Store Displays

For example, Miniso uses a strategic shelf advertising to market its custom pillow designs. Miniso places its neck pillows on their staircase landing, between the first and second floors. By placing their neck pillow display on their staircase landing, the display is made prominent to customers. Whenever customers walk up or down the stairs while shopping, they would notice the neck pillow display, which could increase the possibility of impulse purchases.

So, why do we like Prominent Store Displays?

  • Visibility: A prominent and custom display stand will catch the eye of any customer, which would allow a brand to make initial contact with the customer. A vibrant store display also directs attention to the product, and away from any competing brands.
  • Increased Sales: A strategically placed store display will attract customers to a product. Strategically placed store displays will help customers remember the product, therefore making it more likely that customers will make a purchase.
  • Simplicity: A prominent store display does not have to be very complex. As long as the right strings are pulled, simple designs can attract customers.

There are many benefits to having a prominent store display, and they certainly help to increase visibility and sales! Furthermore, with these cheap promotional items, you won’t need to break the bank!

So, will a prominent store display take your company to the next level? Will it help you achieve your sales goals? If so, The ODM Group is certainly ready to help! Feel free to contact us!


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