Want an effective marketing solution for your company? Learn from Sunlight Vietnam! Amidst the busy shelf, one can easily find their products, thanks to their promotional shelf talkers! The shelf talkers can easily grab customers’ attention and intrigue the crowd like no other.

In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

From the first look, shoppers can immediately notice the Sunlight logo and its dish washing liquid. This helps the product, located in a fully-packed gondola shelf, to stand out and attract customers over to their products.

In essence, the shelf talker is an especially good way to enhance their visibility and raise awareness about their products. Despite so many similar products on the shelf, Sunlight was still able to set their brand apart with custom shelf talkers.


Why Sunlight’s promotional shelf talkers are impressive?


In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

  • Visual representation: These promotional shelf talkers incorporates a 3D design of the actual product. Furthermore, there are lights in some parts (inside the bottle and the Sunlight logo) to further emphasize the brand and its primary product.
In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

  • Simplicity: look at the handle of the shelf talker. We can see that with this design, marketers can easily attach the signage to the rack.
In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

In-store Display: Promotional shelf talkers by Sunlight Vietnam

  • Convenience: Because of the handle, it’s simple for store and supermarkets to assemble the shelf talker. Furthermore, retailers can even choose where they want to display the shelf talkers and move it around if necessary.


Benefits of Promotional Shelf Talkers

  • Brand Visibility Enhancement: 3D promotional shelf talkers with moving lights. Without doubt, customers’ eyes will be drawn to the POS displays. Just with this, the brand successfully made initial contact with buyers.


  • Sales Boost: The uniqueness of the promotional shelf talkers will definitely attract potential buyers to the shelf, creating top of mind awareness. Because they are visible on the shelf, people will be more likely to buy the dish washing liquid and Sunlight’s sales will increase.


  • Drive Impulse Purchase: Engaging designs can influence customers’ buying decision, drive impulse purchase, and inspire repeat purchases. For instance, this display might attract shoppers who are looking for household items. Even if they are not planning to buy the exact same brand, they might be tempted to make the purchase because the display is very engaging. Those who are satisfied with the product will be able to easily find where the products are kept thanks to their retail shelf talkers.


  • Launch New Products: If you have new products to introduce to the market, promotional shelf talkers or shelf banners would certainly give your products the push they need.


  • Space Saving: Promotional shelf talkers do not take so much shelf space so they are ideal for promoting within busy shopping stores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a shelf-talker?

A shelf-taker is an advertisement attached to the store shelf. This is a great way to grab the attention of shoppers to the product displayed on the shelf.

What makes a shelf talker more effective?

Firstly, the shelf talker has to be visually appealing with attractive graphics and colors. Secondly, keep it short and simple for buyers to understand but also, brings across the unique selling point of your product. Lastly, words should be big and clear to make your shelf talker readable from a distance.

What are some ways you can make your shelf talker stand out from the rest?

You can make your shelf talker 3-dimensional or have blinking lights to capture the attention of buyers. You can also include catchy lines or phrases to make your shelf talker more memorable with shoppers.

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Want custom products like these promotional shelf talkers?

Custom POS displays are must-haves for any marketing campaigns, so are shelf talkers. If you are interested in POS, free gift with purchase, or any other types of promotional merchandise, feel free to contact us. With 15 years of experience and 8000 case studies on our website, you can rely on us for your marketing campaigns.


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