A great brand manager knows that a good custom shelf sign is important. This is primarily used to attract customers and raise sales. Thus, a lot of brands innovate to come up with effective retail sign ideas.

Brit London, an Asian – based clothing line, proves that we do not need fancy gimmicks to promote a product. Sometimes, all you need is a clear, legible, and attractive design. This is evident in their latest shelf signage found in select department store.

As we can see, Brit London uses materials that are low cost but effective. The branding is full-colour print on Sintra board. The Sintra board makes a perfect material for advertising since it’s lightweight, durable, and has a low gloss matte finish. We can even use this material outdoors.

Retail Sign Ideas: Why We Like Brit London's Custom Shelf Signage

Retail Sign Ideas: Why We Like Brit London’s Custom Shelf Signage

Why We Love the Retail Sign Ideas by Brit London?

  • Brand Visibility. First of all, these shop signs are for visibility. It makes your brand easily distinguishable from other brands. Therefore, the better the design, the easier for consumers to spot your products.
  • Attract Customers. This signage catches customers’ attention. Then, with the help of other promotional materials like POS Displays, customers will have a chance to check out your products. Consequently, leading to sales and profitability.
  • Cost -Effective. Marketing usually gets a big chunk of your budget. Fortunately, adopting Brit London’s concept will save you a big portion of your marketing budget. Manufacturing this type of signage is relatively inexpensive.
  • Customisable. If you want to have something grand and you don’t mind spending a little more for your marketing projects, you can easily customise this signage. You can use LED displays for your brand. Know more about this campaign: LED Lighting & advertising signage
Retail Sign Ideas: Why We Like Brit London's Custom Shelf Signage

Retail Sign Ideas: Why We Like Brit London’s Custom Shelf Signage

We really love this good old shelf signage style by Brit London. It’s simple yet delivers your brand message. The advertising message promotes brand recognition, which could lead to increased sales, and attract new customers.

More Retail Sign Ideas

Another important add on when we are talking about conquering retail space.  Shelf Talkers and stickers/posters are critical for grabbing peoples attention.

This Shelf Talker sticks out from shelves to show special offer.

Think about Fridge Stickers or other advertising messages around the shop.


Dazzle in these Custom Neon Signs. Learn the concept behind this unique signage.

This is such an incredible LED Display by Magnum. Hence, explains the brand’s success.

Imagine the possibilities of your signage when using this interesting technology.

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