Nutrigold launched its new campaign promoting the “free nutrigold container” to attract customers. This promotion is called a freebie marketing strategy and it is a strong asset to increase business sales. Customers got a free food container for each Nutrigold chocolate drink purchase. The container’s lid is laser-etched so the logo won’t wash off. It can also be used for different daily purposes: work, school, and travel.

Freebie marketing strategy

Freebie marketing strategy


What is a freebie marketing strategy and how does it work?

The freebie marketing strategy is the idea to offer a free gift with purchase in order to raise the awareness among consumers and increase as much as possible sales. Companies can decide to offer a very hard-discounted product or offer it for free. The most typical technique is developed through complementary products. For example, if you buy a bottle of alcohol, you will get a drink promo gift or a liquor promo gift such as two glasses for free (with the logo brand). The primary aim of this campaign is to encourage consumers to purchase the product by demonstrating them that this is a great deal.



Freebie marketing strategy


Why this strategy is a brilliant idea?

It goes without saying that this technique is an outstanding strategy to create a need among consumers. It ensures daily brand exposure as the free product features the brand logo and help consumers recall the brand. In other words, it helps to gain more visibility among the audience. The free product strategy makes a brand more attractive as consumers feel rewarded if they purchase the products on offer.

Furthermore, food containers are generally reusable, so this means customers can use this freebie for years. They can also use it to keep the remaining powdered drink. This is also ideal for storing cookies, candies, pasta, and even toys.


How to implement this winning strategy? 

Firstly, begin by creating a visually appealing packaging. In this example, Nutrigold used a brightly colored sticker. It is extremely important to bright out the word “free” or hard-discounted product in order to persuade consumers. The idea is to prove its utility in order to persuade consumers to purchase the initial product.

Secondly, understand properly the targeted audience and why the free product or branded gift with purchase would be interesting for them. This strategy demands a lot of upstream work such as surveys among consumers. Moreover, this strategy has to be consistent with the whole marketing strategy of the company.

Then, create a desired freebie product. It is safer to develop a product that is it complementary to another one. It can also be, for example, a big discount coupon.

Finally, add a lot of promotion. This part is presumably the most important one, if you don’t promote your campaign, it would not generate the expected outcomes.

With this combination of steps, you would create a strong freebie marketing strategy for promoting your business and raising awareness of a targeted audience. It will allow to visibly increase sales.

Interested in implementing this winning strategy? Don’t hesitate to contact us; our team has a strong expertise on marketing strategy and would help you to deliver a successful freebie marketing strategy.


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