Umbrellas not only serve as shield from the rain and sun, but they also work as a cost-effective outdoor advertising tool. Custom branded umbrellas make excellent promotional tools because there is always a demand for such item. This means greater brand reach for your company.

Here at the ODM Group, we love to add a nice creative spin on ordinary items to make them suited for marketing. Take a look at these unicorn custom printed umbrellas.

Custom Branded Umbrellas

Custom Branded Umbrellas


Here’s what makes this unicorn umbrella a worthwhile investment:

  • Foldable: Has 6 panels. When opened, it measures 95 cm (diameter) x 55 cm (height). When closed, it measures 18 x 6 cm. Since it is foldable and small enough to fit inside a bag. Students and professionals would want this style as opposed to the standard one as it is more convenient to carry around.
Custom Branded Umbrellas

Custom Branded Umbrellas

  • Made From Durable Materials: The canopy is made out of waterproof pongee fabric. It has fiberglass ribs, PP handle, and metal shaft for reinforced stability and durability.
Custom Branded Umbrellas

Custom Branded Umbrellas

  • Custom Designs: Aside from unicorn, clients can choose any design they like. We have product designers who can help you from sketching drafts all the way through sourcing materials and actual manufacturing.

There are many ways to customize and use custom branded umbrellas within a promotional campaign. Here are some ways to maximize its full marketing potential:


Custom Branded Umbrellas – 4 Hacks for Outdoor Advertising

When done right, custom branded umbrellas can help create finer top-of-mind awareness because they serve as walking advertisements for your business. And for this reason, many companies invest in high quality promotional umbrellas. When opened, umbrellas position your brand in a way that not only gets it noticed, but that lets your market understand what your company stands for.

So how do you augment your outdoor advertising with custom branded umbrellas? Here are 4 easy hacks:

  • Make Use of the Canopy: Make your brand visible by printing your brand name or logo on the panels. By doing so, your branding becomes more visible to people in front, sides, and the back. Use designs that resonate with your brand to reinforce remembrance. For instance, this unicorn umbrella is ideal for marketing to kids as the color and design appeal to the younger market.


  • Raise Awareness on Your Advocacy: Custom design your umbrellas to raise awareness about your cause. Doing so helps create better brand association. For instance, golf shaped umbrellas with your message that encourages people to do sports. This capsule umbrella is ideal for the healthcare sector due to the cover’s custom shape.


  • Be Seen at Festivals: Offer these custom branded umbrellas to your customers during outdoor festivals. Your audience will certainly appreciate the thought as it will help block the sun and protect them from the rain. Your customers will then associate their fun experience with your custom branded merchandise.


  • Add Safety Features: According to reports, 40% of road accidents occur in the winter. So why not add safety features to your promotional umbrellas? You can add LED features or print logos using reflective ink. Two main reasons to make your umbrellas reflective: one, to make your brand stand out even in the dark; and two, to enhance road visibility. If you’d like to see more design ideas for reflective umbrellas, read on this blog:


Marketing With Custom Branded Umbrellas

Do you want your customers to come pouring in? Use custom branded umbrellas! As the weather is unpredictable, your umbrella will be in frequent use. When used as corporate souvenirs, they can make your company an integral part of your employee’s everyday life. Using them as customer giveaways, they position your brand as something they need, thereby helping shape their perception of your brand.

So, if you need high quality custom branded umbrellas for your company, contact The ODM Group today. We have years of experience in the promotional product industry. Our team combines aesthetics and functionality in every project we undertake.

We can assist with designing, sourcing, and  manufacturing custom promotional merchandise, merchandise packaging, and marketing gifts.

So, if you’re interested in this product, send us an email to get estimates. Quote product code 2426.


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