In this day and age, much of a company’s marketing scheme is based upon social media. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so much focus is placed on these channels that on occasions it can be overwhelming and saturated. Perhaps an underused avenue of marketing today is good old-fashioned outdoor advertising. Spotted in Cebu, Philippines, H&M have created a wonderful example of an outdoor advertising display. Below we will discuss just exactly what these are, and why you should use outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Advertising - A masterclass by H&M

Outdoor Advertising – A masterclass by H&M

Why would you use outdoor advertising?

People on the whole are always on the move, and we spend increasing amounts of time outside the home. It is crucial therefore that you target these people during their hectic lives, and outdoor advertising does just this.

Unlike TV, radio or social media, outdoor advertising is media that cannot be turned off or put down. With these mediums, consumers have the ability to change the channel, fast forward, turn/miss the page or close the browser window. Outdoor advertising is simply unavoidable in the outside world, so you can be sure that it is being seen by a high number of people.

Outdoor advertising is possibly the last place where consumers do not control the ad space. This gives advertisers unprecedented control over how and where an ad is seen. It is therefore a strong marketing technique that companies have at their disposal.

What are the benefits of outdoor advertising?

  • Word of mouth – A memorable and creative structure such as this will stick in the minds of those who witness it. Not only will it give customers positive connotations with the brand, but it encourages them to pass it on by word of mouth. This could be either person to person or via social media.
  • Dictate purchasing decisions – An outdoor advert has the potential to completely change their purchasing habits for that day if strategically placed. Entering a shopping district with an advert fresh in their mind will hugely increase the possibility of them shopping with you.
  • Sustained brand awareness – Outdoor media provides a continuous presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It reaches audiences that other media may find hard to tap into. As a result, an effective outdoor campaign can achieve sustained levels of awareness over other advertising channels. This in turn ensures that a brand or message is remembered.
  • Huge potential exposure – Placing at out of house advertisement by a busy shopping centre or city centre will guarantee that it will seen by high volume of people. This will contributes to people’s idea that you are a big brand, and can help brand increase in stature.

Why not consider some outdoor advertising for your business? It may not have to be as stunningly impressive as H&M’s, but it will have similar effects nonetheless.

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