On the wall filled with posters, Vinataba 3D outdoor advertising is the one that catches the attention of the mass public. With so many brands of cigarettes in the market, using an outdoor display can certainly rake in more sales for the brand!

3D outdoor advertising

3D outdoor advertising

Inside the pack, there are 21 sticks. It only cost 10,000VND/pack which is approximately 0.50USD! The materials used for this design is relatively simple but still effective in garnering attention.


3D outdoor advertising

3D outdoor advertising


Why Does This 3D Outdoor Advertising Impress The Public?

  • Use of 3D & LED – With more brands trying to attract more sales with unique POS display ideas,  the use of 3D and LED shows how highly advanced the brand is. With a 3D design, consumers can see how the cigar pack protrude out. Moreover, the custom LED lights make the outdoor display stand out, especially in the night. Overall, the implementation of both concepts was brilliantly executed as it manages to realistically depict a bigger life-sized cigar pack to attract the crowd’s attention.
  •  Cost-effective – The material used is high-quality durable cardboard and it is considerably cheap to produce. Moreover, it is fairly durable, sustainable and eco-friendly. This allows brands to focus more resources on the type of design so that they can entice more consumers to patronize their brands.
  • Eyecatching – The use of simply 2 main colours – blue and silver – had convincingly conveyed the message to their target audience. The colours complement each other as seen in the image. Also, the use of shapes for the logo (circular)  and the cigar pack (rectangular) effectively completes the whole look of the design. Hence, no doubts consumers might give this brand a try!


Overall, it is important to establish a strong marketing campaign in order to support the sales department of brands. Other than POS Display units, At ODM, we specialize in product designing, brand design packaging and manufacturing high-quality promotional products. If you need design services, we have a team of product designers and merchandisers who can help you with product brainstorming session. Do drop us an inquiry today!


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