Did you know that our In-house design team, Mindsparkz, offers special Product Brainstorming Presentations?

Every Presentation will have a dedicated team of sales specialist, merchandiser and designer working on the project! This team will work together to find the perfect products to fit your brief, meet your target price, and design new and original products.

Each Presentation includes research, hand sketching, OEM designs, and review by 3 departments. All items will be branded with clients logo, and will be picked according to client’s budget. The presentation will include existent items as well as new unique designs, created specifically for your client.

Product Brainstorming Presentations

Product Brainstorming Presentations

Why choose a Product Brainstorming Presentation?

Our Product Brainstorming Presentation generally follow this process:

  • You deliver a brief with your or your client’s past work & promotions, required quantities, budget, and any design preferences.
  • We have a brainstorm meeting where our team of 3 staff (Merchandising, Sales, Design Project Leader) can bounce around and discuss ideas that would be the perfect fit for the brief.
  • From the brainstorming session, our Merchandiser will research products currently exist within China, whether they can fit the target price and whether there are mold costs with these products.
  • With confirmation on this research our Design Project Leader will begin sketching out initial concepts of the decided products.
  • These initial concepts will be further developed and a draft of the Presentation with Client’s branding will be created.
  • This Presentation is sent to a Client for feedback and comments.
  • Our Design team will rework the presentation as per feedback and deliver the final output as a PowerPoint or PDF file.
Product Brainstorming Presentations

Product Brainstorming Presentations

Even though the Product Brainstorming Presentation has been completed this is not the end of the process!

  • Once you have completed presenting the Product Brainstorming Presentation to your client you can offer feedback on this and we can add new ideas branded to your client’s brief.
  • Any products that have been presented can be quoted up by ODM and the Sales person connected to this project will be your dedicated Account Manager.

What is involved in a Product Brainstorming Presentation?

The final presentation generally contains about 20 different products and ideas. It is a mix of existing items (for options with low/no mold cost) and unique ideas sketched out by our design team – all branded to Client’s style and with Client’s logo/template.

Generally a brainstorming session takes a two-week turnaround time for the delivery of the final presentation, but we are certainly able to do rush orders when required.