Bottle Glorifier – The Perfect Tool to fix your Liquor Promo

ODM has a fantastic history and reputation in designing and manufacturing the best marketing items in the industry. One of our specialties is the bottle glorifier. This item does wonders in illuminating your product and highlighting your brand. This is the ideal solution to increase sales and put your product on a marketing platform for all to see.


Bottle Glorifer Ideas

How ODM can help!

Our Mindsparkz team creates premium quality designs and works closely with our team of merchandisers to couple low cost sourcing with expert manufacturing solutions. Our bottle glorifier’s are quality checked to maintain high standards. We visit factories to ensure our merchandising items are of the highest quality. Enthused graphic and product designers are waiting to create brilliant new ideas for your next campaign. You can view many of the merchandising items we have made for an array of companies previously on our website. Contact ODM Group for more information on such products. Here are some examples of custom bottle glorifier ideas from our blogs:

Hennessy have used a custom bottle glorifier to create a luxury look to their product! Check out this blog to learn more.

This bottle glorifier model is great in highlighting and protecting your product, so click the image to learn more!

We are very impressed by this Bottle glorifier design made from LED and wood. This gives the product a classic look whilst giving the brand a head-start to attracting customers from competing brands. Click below to see how Glenlivet did it. 

This champagne bottle glorifier is great because its simple and fits well with the use of the product. It doesn’t draw attention away from the menu’s but does emphasise the product well. 

This idea will wow your customers! Creativity is key when it comes to using a bottle light glorifier. Click on the blog below to learn more.


Your brand could be just a bottle glorifier away from the level of success that the brands shown above achieved!


Bottle Glorifier design

Why Bottle Glorifiers?

Bottle glorifiers are great tools to capture the attention of patrons at clubs, bars and restaurants. This is because bottle glorifiers display spirits and beers in the most attractive manner to capture the mood and image of the individual drinks. They are also a great wine bottle illuminator. They are used to display a strong on site advertisement. A good display will  result in greatly increased sales.

Nowadays, bottle glorifiers are very popular promotional productsColour is one of the most basic branding requirements and we are able to match the pantones of the drink we are promoting. This Carlsberg bottle definitely exemplifies quality and class due to the use of multiple high end materials. Lighting or Sound can also be integrated to improve the overall outlook of the display.

Some bottle glorifiers contain more than one bottle showcasing the depth of the brand. This is to promote a wide range of alcoholic beverages. We can also arrange for this kind of POS to be adapted for tastings across the range of tastes or vintages of the product.A bottle glorifier or POS display is exceptionally useful for wine and whiskey tastings.

Our designers can make a whole range of bottle glorifiers with unique and funky designs to enhance the promotional impact on clients. Take for instance the Heineken bottle which is enclosed in an iceberg-like bottle glorifier. This sends out to consumers the message that beer served here will appeal to you.

Bottle Glorifier manufacturing

Bottle Glorifier Manufacturing

The ODM group is always looking to design and manufacture new POS displays and glorifiers. Our service spans from the conceptualisation & brainstorming to design, mould development, manufacture, quality control, testing and shipment.

Our team of graphic and industrial designers are based in China and have a lot of experience with choosing the right kind of materials and finding the best technical solutions to showcase your brand. So place an inquiry with us today so our services can provide you with your promotional needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a Bottle Glorifier?

A bottle glorifier is a display with a cut-out area to hold and display the bottle in place.

What are Bottle Glorifiers made out of?

Bottle Glorifiers can be made from many different materials. Popular materials include plastic, wood, acrylic, stainless steel, and polyresin.

Do Bottle Glorifiers come with any additional features?

Yes, they do! Many bottle glorifiers often feature LED or fluorescent lighting and illumination to add on to the design and maximize captured attention.

What are Bottle Glorifiers for?

Bottle Glorifiers are a brilliant way to augment your drinks promotions. They are designed to highlight liquor brands, attract people over to their display, and ultimately push sales.

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