Bottle Glorifier Display: Command Attention at the Point of Purchase

A bottle glorifier display is designed to keep a bottle of alcoholic beverage securely in place. It normally has lights to, as the name suggests, glorify the product being advertised.

In a sea of competitors, we want our products to stand out and attract lots of attention. After all, the ability to command attention also translates to potentially higher sales in the long run. This is why bottle glorifiers are important. They easily highlight the products and make them noticeable.

Here at ODM, we love unique POS displays and display ideas. We believe that they can greatly help you make your brand stand out from the rest. So, here is a new and original glorifier display idea that you might want to include in your marketing mix.

Glorifier Display

Glorifier Display


Wooden Glorifier Display: Why This Display Idea Rocks!

Visual Appeal

When we are shopping for new products to try, we always choose the ones that catch our attention. This is the psychology behind why business owners invest heavily in high-quality and visually appealing in-store marketing displays.


Made from Sturdy Materials

The main material is wood, which is durable. In this display, the wood is distressed to achieve that vintage look. As this particular display is sturdy, it can withstand the everyday wear and tear at the bar and you can be sure to use it for many years.

Glorifier Display

Glorifier Display

Unique and Eye-Catching

No two glorifier displays are created equal. As such, all the bottle glorifiers that we have seen are unique in their own ways. This one, too, is so distinctive, it can beautifully display bottles of alcoholic drinks. Capturing your customers’ attention is the first step in getting them to buy whatever idea, message, or product you are selling.


Great Presentation

Using bottle glorifiers allows merchandisers to get creative with their visual merchandising. As you can see, you can have the glorifiers branded with your logo or company name to further increase your brand exposure. In a way, they help you establish your identity right from the get-go. This is extremely important in a retail environment where there are so many competing brands.

When products are displayed in a pleasing manner, customers are more likely to make impulse purchases. Properly-curated ones do make an impact even when the display is located from a distance.

Glorifier Display

Glorifier Display


Wide Range of Application

Bottle glorifiers are always well-lit, effectively highlighting the brand and the product on offer. There are many ways and instances wherein you can use a bottle glorifier. Aside from boosting in-store marketing, it is also ideal for trade shows, where lots of people will see your brand being showcased. The display is also great for marketing new drinks in bars and restaurants. However, not only do they sell your products, but they also serve as a decorative piece in your business establishment.


Our Key Takeaways…

A glorifier display is a simple yet extremely effective point of purchase display that alcoholic beverage companies. They can come in various shapes, make, sizes, and colors. With the liquor industry being highly competitive, a bottle glorifier can easily differentiate your brand from your competitors.

As it is usually placed at the counter, it helps companies to establish their brand identity the moment customers see it. And since most glorifier displays are LED-lighted, they also prime customers to see your brand as “premium” and high-end, prompting them to choose your products over your rivals.


Contact ODM Today!

Would a glorifier display help you get the attention your brand needs? If so, feel free to contact our staff at the ODM Group. Our merchandisers can help you source budget-friendly and high-quality custom POP displays for your business. Should you need help with designing marketing displays and original product ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch with our product designers at Mindsparkz.

If you are keen on customizing this wooden glorifier display, then send us an email and reference product code ODM-3475.

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