Similar to Johnnie Walker’s bottle packaging design and Bollinger’s champagne bottle packagingHennessy focuses on its custom bottle glorifier to draw in the crowd’s attention. Amongst all the brands, liquor enthusiasts will surely notice the sleek and outstanding display.

Custom Bottle glorifier (2)

Custom Bottle glorifier (2)

The first bottle display is elevated on a stand while the other has an LED shining beneath it. Both ways enhance the visibility of the products.

Custom Bottle glorifier (2)

Custom Bottle glorifier (2)

Why Do We Love The Custom Bottle Glorifier From Hennessy?

  • Outstanding – With many competitors in duty-free shops at the airport, brands have to constantly innovate to get people’s interest. The custom bottle display did so with its classy and sophisticated design that matches the brand style and image. In addition, brands can also consider offering a complimentary gift bag to their promotional tactic.
  • Customizability – Ability to customize your own promotional product allow better flow of creativity into the design. It can also provide a better marketing idea of what will work best for the company. Such bespoke display may require quite large marketing budget, however, we can say that the benefits outweigh the costs as Henessy was able to present what their brand stands for- class and quality.
  • Informative – Instead of going for a shelf talker to promote the campaign, the description is printed on the gold plated display. As such, shoppers are reminded of their long-standing legacy.


Possible Improvements

  • POP Display: Shape of The Glass Bottle – The larger and bigger a POP display is, the easier it is to catch the eyes. More so if it is in the shape of the drink itself. Hence, brands can consider this marketing idea to increase profit and brand recognition.
  • Contest Giveaways – Aside from bottle glorifiers, you can also maximize your drinks marketing through redemption programs and contests. This promotional tactic can tempt customers to buy the product to get a chance at winning a prize worth much more. It then increases the perceived value of product, attracting more people to patronize the brand.


Work with Us

Overall, it is important for brands to stand out of the crowd so that people will notice your brand. At ODM, we have vast experience in the industry, specializing in product designing and manufacturing high-quality promotional products, packaging, and POS display units.

We can certainly provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will help you out though product brainstorming sessions in your next marketing campaign. Feel free to send us an inquiry today!


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