This custom bottle cradle and extra large bottle cradle by Dewanli is the perfect in-store display for the wine industry!

Massive Custom Bottle Cradle - In Store Display Turns Heads

Massive Custom Bottle Cradle – In Store Display Turns Heads

What is a bottle cradle? It is a tool that allows wine drinkers to set the bottle up at the best angle so that sediments settle at the bottom of the bottle. This way they can pour wine into their glasses without the unwanted particles. The process of separating wine from sediments is called decantation. The process keeps the wine clean and smooth to drink.

Another practical reason we do this is to aerate the wine. During aeration, oxidation and evaporation take place. These processes allow undesirable compounds to evaporate, enhancing the taste and aroma.

Why We Love Dewanli’s Custom Bottle Cradle

You know what they say…bigger is better. The bigger your storefront display is, the better the impact is on customers. Here’s what we love about Dewanli’s Custom Bottle Cradle:

  • Commands Attention: Dewanli’s massive in-store display didn’t fail to catch the attention of shoppers. This could lead to stronger brand recognition and higher sales. The life-size custom storefront display bottle works as an excellent decoration and an effective marketing tool. It amplifies the qualities that make the brand profound while emphasizing the design that makes the product attractive.
Massive Custom Bottle Cradle - Dewanli's In Store Display Turns Heads

Massive Custom Bottle Cradle – Dewanli’s In Store Display Turns Heads

  • Iconic: It’s easy to get lost in a sea of products along a standard department store, but having such attention grabbing display can help customers easily locate where their stall is. It could stimulate customer retention and encourage repeat purchase because it’s easily recognizable and will get more people to acknowledge their brand.
  • Well-designed: Classy design lends a high-end feel to the product. The bottle cradle is made from wood and the bottle looks exactly like their wine bottle. Due to its unique design, it helped the brand stood out. It’s important to have a well-structured display unit because it’s a wonderful platform to present their products in a way that entices customers. Check out this iconic and attention grabbing POS display from Milka. Using their mascot cow to present their product is a smart move. It is recognizable and is pleasing to the eyes.

How to Set Up an Effective In-Store Display

Since liquor stores and aisles at retail shops are always packed with different alcoholic beverages, it can be difficult for customers to choose the best one for them. So size up your promotion and try out a life-size custom POS display to stand out. If you want to create an effective life-size custom display, here are a few tips to consider:

  • It should be tempting to consumers. This means that the life-size custom display bottle acts like a teaser by providing visual cues about the taste, flavor, and aroma your beverage has. Play with colors, fonts, and bold visuals. The more eye-catching the design is, the better. It needs to show your beverages at their best. This means that the display needs to capture the exact look and feel of the product.
  • Your custom display needs to present your brand the best way possible. Creating your POS display bottle based on your finest bottle is important if you want to make a mark in the wine industry. You can also create a mock wine packaging to go along with the replica.
  • Think about the functionality. In our example, the use of wine bottle cradle educates people the importance of decanting wine for enhanced wine drinking experience.
  • Include gifts or add-ons: Including gift with purchase, coupons, or other related products will not only turn heads, but it will also help increase sales.

It’s time to think big for your business! Contact ODM to learn more about how we can help develop fantastic POS displays and in-store displays. Our product designers at Mindsparkz is one of the best in the field of design. Speak with us. We are here to help you out.

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