Following the success of the American movie Trolls World Tour, the cute looking monsters are now taking the world by storm! Case in point: this freestanding retail display full of custom branded merchandise in a cinema in Moscow, Russia.

Freestanding Retail Display

Freestanding Retail Display

The purple freestanding display unit stood out to us. It was positioned at the end of a gondola so it is really accessible and easy to find. These were also the reasons they were very effective in promoting the movie and the licensed dolls.

Made from cardboard, the custom freestanding display is branded on every side. Trolls branded merchandise was waving at us as if encouraging us to purchase their dolls before we leave the cinema.


How Did a Freestanding Retail Display Augment Trolls World Tour Promotions?

Freestanding displays are a staple in every brick and mortar store. Because they are standalone display shelves, they are a great way to merchandise products and increase visibility within busy shopping floors. What FSDUs do is that they allow merchandisers to put high-demand products in areas where customers will easily spot them. As such, this is a go-to promotional display by business owners. So how did this help Trolls World Tour promote the movie?


1. Vibrant FSDU Attracts People

The main color of the branded FSDU reflects the movie well. When we saw this, we identified the movie straight away. This makes it easier for fans to find Trolls licensed merchandise.

2. Standalone Displays Push Sales

A standalone display draws your customers’ attention in your products effectively leaving your competitors in the background. Because it is a solo display, Trolls did not have to compete with other brands. It also highlights their licensed dolls in a way that really makes your brand stand out.

3. Drives Impulse Purchases

Portable and customizable- that is the beauty of freestanding store displays. There is a high foot traffic where this display is located, which means higher conversion for the brand. With that said, people become more aware of the brand, thus motivating them to grab one of those dolls before leaving the store.

Freestanding Retail Display

Freestanding Retail Display

4. Influences Buying Behavior

Shoppers are more likely to purchase products that they can relate to. Most unplanned sales are also done at the point of sale. So, this means, point of sale displays such as freestanding ones, can influence customers’ buying behavior. Whether they are fans of the movie or they just find the dolls cute, there is no doubt that the display has played a crucial role in stimulating spontaneous purchases.

5. Sets Brand Apart

Because they are standalone shelves, there are no other products that compete for customers’ attention. Not only are they able to push them to buy their licensed merchandise, but they also effectively encourage them to watch the movie.

6. Made from Cardboard

Since cardboard is a cost-effective material, merchandisers are also able to get massive ROI from the cardboard POS displays. It is also more lightweight as compared to other materials such as wood and metal. This means they can be transported and positioned in high-traffic areas very easily.

Freestanding Retail Display

Freestanding Retail Display


Bringing it all together…

When it comes to marketing movies and promoting new products, freestanding retail displays are among the best advertising tools there is. Because they are standalone shelves, they push products front and center. As such, products stand out from the rest and are likely to be picked up by customers unlike when they are mixed with other products. Therefore, a freestanding retail display is a powerful POS display idea to introduce new products, push more sales, and market new promotions and discounts.


If you need help designing and sourcing high-quality yet affordable marketing displays, then let our team help you out! While we specialize in high-end displays, we can also help with simple cardboard displays, perfect for short promotional runs. Our team can also help you with marketing gifts and other business giveaways. Get in touch with ODM to learn more about how we can help you grow your business with the effective use of promotional products.

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