We spotted this custom free standing display by Coca Cola at a 7-11 store here in Hong Kong. Its custom shape and bold color are visually striking. Moreover, product placement ensures that customers will not miss this branded FSDU!

Custom Free Standing Display

Custom Free Standing Display

We find this POS display design unique and refreshing. The top part of the POS display features a can of Coca Cola Energy drink.

Its visual impact stirs customers’ curiosity. The name itself attracts people but having a custom-made store display sustains that interest.

The point of using point of sale displays is to encourage more sales by engaging shoppers and keeping them interested through informative and catchy designs. And Coca Cola got it right! Here’s why their promotional store display stood out.


What Makes Coca Cola Energy’s Custom Free Standing Display Stand Out?

  • Bespoke Shape : The display was made in the shape of a canned beverage, which makes the display truly interesting. As Coca Cola’s new beverage is presented in a can, it only makes sense to match their display with their product. It somehow makes the product easier to remember.
Custom Free Standing Display

Custom Free Standing Display

  • Striking Colors :  The brownish red and black combination definitely stood out from the rest. Moreover, it follows the predominant colors used in their product packaging. This further improves their brand recall as people will associate the custom free standing display with their new product.
  • Designs that Resonate with the Brand : The squiggly lines in this POS display topper is the exact design found in their cans. It features a replica of their product to further stimulate the interest of shoppers. One can’t help but be drawn to this halo-like decoration.
Custom Free Standing Display

Custom Free Standing Display

  • Product Placement : As the branded retail display is positioned near the entrance and along the aisle, it primes customers to get a can before they leave or right after they entered the store. Strategic product placement influences the buying behavior of customers. The more visible and easily accessible the products are, the easier the customers are convinced to buy. This also increase the chances of additional purchases because it’s near the check out counter.


Why Coca Cola Energy’s Custom Free Standing Display is a Great Strategy

This bespoke POS display is certainly a good example of a point of sale that reinforces brand recall. Looking at the display reminds us of previous POS displays we’ve seen before. They made a larger version of their products to create brand awareness. Here are some of them:

This one from Benefit made a bold statement! We love that instead of the usual shelf, they created a large version of their mascara and packaging. The side of the “box” serves as the shelf.


What we like about this massive POS display is that it not only grabs customer attention, but also makes it easier for shoppers to locate where their products are.


Designing their POS display after their packaging is a smart move as it allows for better brand recognition and customer retention. Moreover, placing the huge replica along the aisle allows customers to touch and see the actual product on sale.


Our Takeaways…

We certainly love this strategy by Coca Cola. It’s simple, yet made a strong impact on customers. However, we suggest to give the freestanding display a bit more space to fully display their custom free standing display. If you take a look at the picture, you’ll see that the side of the display is obscured by another display rack while the other side of the display is facing the magazine shelf. Re-positioning the display or placing it where people where see the whole design would be beneficial for the brand.

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