Coca Cola‘s in-store display marketing is making a buzz in Vietnam. They fully utilized an end-cap display so that customers can spot them right away! Right product placement, efficient use of floor space, and effective branding are just some of the key factors that made their in-store marketing stand out.

Coca Cola has been operating in Vietnam since 1994 and has been successful with its unique marketing mix. One of our favorite stints they did was last year’s packaging design for their Coca Cola cans. The cans feature the everyday life of the Vietnamese people. When it comes to their in-store displays, the beverage giant is always on point as well.


What Makes Coca-Cola’s In-Store Marketing in Vietnam stand Out?

1. Strategic Positioning

We found this display at the end of a gondola shelf, facing the aisle. As such, it really draws attention from people. Usually, shoppers check the front and middle sections of the shop, so end cap displays are great places to position the products.

In-Store Display Marketing

In-Store Display Marketing

2. Effective Branding

The top and bottom parts of the display are nicely branded, creating a sense of exclusivity in that part of the store. This also allowed us to see the display almost immediately. They played with their iconic red-white brand colors to appeal to customers right from the get-go.

In-Store Display Marketing

In-Store Display Marketing


3. Efficient Use of Floor Space

What we like about custom end-cap displays is that they allow brands to fully utilize a store’s floor space. In this example, you can see that both the front and side of the end cap showcase Coca Cola products. Even the beams are branded.


4. Offering Customers a Wide Range of Choices

For this example, Coca-Cola made sure to showcase all their products in one convenient place to give customers more choices. Doing so gives them a huge opportunity to push the sales of underperforming products (if there’s any). Furthermore, it saves customers time and energy browsing through rows of similar looking products just to find their favorite Coca-Cola drink.


5. Bespoke Shape

Another aspect of the display that caught our attention is the bespoke shape of the shelf. It looks like a refrigerator but with an asymmetrical cut. Shoppers are always attracted to unique and eye-catching displays, packaging, and products. That is how we are wired. Because Coca Cola’s display is different from the usual, practically directing attention toward the display, and leaving everything else in the background.

In-Store Display Marketing

In-Store Display Marketing


6. Great Visual Merchandising

When there are too many options to choose from, we easily get overwhelmed, right? However, Coca Cola’s POS display was properly curated, leaving no room for customers to think twice.

Due to its asymmetric shape, merchandisers highlight their best-sellers by placing the red cans on the side and topmost part of the shelf. Other beverage lines such as Fanta, Fuze Tea, and Nutri Boost take the lower shelves, but not because they are less important but because Coca Cola Classic is the most popular of all their products. So customers might come for the Classic Coke but might also consider buying other drinks.


Here is another reason Coca Cola caught our attention…


Coca-Cola X Monster Energy

Here is another custom floor display by Coca-Cola. However, this one caught our interest because instead of their products, we noticed that Monster energy drinks were on display. They do not own Monster, but, the brands had a deal back in 2015.

In-Store Display Marketing

In-Store Display Marketing

However, 2 years ago, they had a dispute over Coca Cola’s plan to release Coca Cola Energy, which, according to Monster violated their agreement. The conditions were: energy drinks are to be launched under Monster and all non-energy products under Coca Cola.

According to a 2019 press release by Coca Cola, the dispute has been resolved and they can continue to sell Coca Cola Energy. They still maintain a good business relationship with Monster Energy this day.

So back to the POS display… We are not sure if showcasing Monster products on a Coca Cola marketing display is part of their deal or something the merchandisers decided to do on their own. Would this hurt both brands? Well, one thing is for sure, it could cause confusion as to whether there has been a merger or if Coca-Cola has acquired Monster (and vice versa).


What we like about this display:

  • Open layout that allows customers to grab products easily from any angle
  • Eye-catching colors that make it easily recognizable
  • Beams are nicely branded
  • The space on the top part of the display was utilized well by adding a tagline: “cho bữa cơm nhà thêm vui”
In-Store Display Marketing

In-Store Display Marketing


Our Key Takeaways…

The traditional brick-and-mortar store relies heavily on in-store display marketing. So you need to step up your game and plan what would be the best way to boost your marketing. Keep in mind that it is not enough to have a beautiful display, you should also consider the product placement, floor space, and branding.

It would also be beneficial to ask yourself how to execute your in-store marketing strategy. Would this contribute to my customers’ overall shopping experience? Is the display curated properly? Are the products not overwhelming to look at? These are questions that you need to ask yourself to make sure that your in-store display marketing is effective and impactful.

With these criteria, we can say that Coca Cola got their beverage promotion right!


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