We spotted this custom end cap display by Old Spice in a grocery store in Vietnam and it caught our attention for so many reasons. It was really striking just like its TV ad. The design is not only well-thought-out, but it is also easily recognizable.

We love everything about this display: the colors, style, texture, and functionality. An end-cap is a display found usually at the end of a long gondola shelf. They are a fantastic point of sale marketing display idea because it allows merchandisers to use their retail space more efficiently.

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design

If you have a new product to launch or if you are rebranding, then, gondola end displays will give you a lot of room to maximize your promotion. So, whether you are selling liquor, beauty products, or food, we believe that you can learn a lot of marketing hacks from Old Spice.


5 Lessons on Old Spice End Cap Display Design

Make It Pop: Old Spice’s signature red display surely stood out from the rest. Red is a warm color, which, according to psychology, creates a sense of urgency and stimulates appetite. It is also associated with “passion,” “action,” and “energy.” Because Old Spice is a brand designed for men, the color reinforces their brand image and the message they are trying to convey.

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design

Familiarity: “Did you know that I am riding this horse backwards?” Who does not know this catchy line? We have seen it on TV numerous times. It is one of those commercials that left me scratching my head. So whenever I look at the merchandising end cap, I always recall that funny line. As you can see, the designer also incorporated the photo of the guy into their display. It is slightly protruding, creating a 3D effect. Because the commercial is really popular, Old Spice also became synonymous with the guy “riding his horse backwards,” which never fails to elicit laughter from passersby.

Accessibility: Accessibility is one of the reasons to have a custom end cap display. Customers can easily grab one of their items on the go. Furthermore, as this section is dedicated to just one product, it gives Old Spice a massive advantage over its competitors. They were able to showcase all their products on one shelf.

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design


Product Placement: One of the main jobs of a point of sale display is to drive impulse purchases. Placed along the aisle, end cap displays can optimize your brand exposure.

Targeted: When working with a custom end cap display, always keep in mind who your target market is. What products are you going to showcase? These are important factors to consider as this will help you design your end cap more efficiently.



In a Nutshell…

As Old Spice has demonstrated, there are so many benefits to using a custom end cap display. You can customize them however you like to resonate with your brand. As they are strategically placed at retail stores, they effectively stimulate sales and improve visibility.

Do you need help with your point of sale displays? Get in touch with our team today! We can help you design and source promotional POS displays for your business. We can also help you with custom promotional merchandise and giveaways for business.

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