Do you have new products to introduce to the market? Do you want people to know more about your promotion? If so, a point of sale marketing display should be in your marketing mix!

Point of sale displays come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and make. However, if you want something durable, classy, and fairly easy to custom design, then a wooden point of sale marketing display might be right for you. Take a look at this example by Herbal Essences spotted in  BhatBhateni supermarket in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Point of Sale Merchandising Display

Point of Sale Merchandising Display

They are promoting their range of shampoo and conditioner with a branded wooden pos display. The display is simple, but it has great noteworthy features. Here’s what makes it an excellent marketing display:


Why this Point of Sale Marketing Display Stands Out to Us

1.Slots Made for Shelf Talkers

We often see custom shelf talkers being used hand in hand with POS displays. They are either taped on the shelf or held by a shelf talker holder. However, this wooden display has a slot to insert the shelf wobbler in, so there is no need for special hardware.


2. Durable

Wood lends a beautiful and classy appeal, which makes it a great material of choice for manufacturing POS displays. Furthermore, there are many types of wood for your POP display. Hardwood may be hard and a bit heavy, but they are certainly durable. Lightwood, on the other hand, are perfect for POS displays that need to be assembled and transported. If you want to save more without sacrificing the aesthetics, then consider wood composite materials for your displays.


3. Upholds Brand Image:

Herbal Essences is promoting its brand as an all-natural hair product, and we can see that from the color and the materials used in this display. The earthy color reinforces the image they are going for.


4. Custom Shaped Cardboard Advertisement

The brand has also included a display standee to serve as background for their products. This effectively commands attention so even customers standing from a distance will easily notice the products.

Point of Sale Merchandising Display

Point of Sale Merchandising Display


5. Informative

The posters help the brand communicate its current promotion in a way that customers will easily see them. The custom-shaped cardboard bottle display diverts the attention of customers to the display and away from competitors. Not only are the posters informative, but also the shelf itself. On the beams, we can read 0% Parabens, 0% Colorants, and 0% Gluten. Through this, Herbal Essences was able to show that they are purely organic. As a result, customers will be encouraged to try their products because they know what they are exactly getting from their purchase.


6. Design Appeal

The merchandising display is well-thought-out. We can see that the bottles fit nicely on the shelves. When designing a POS display, it is necessary to know what type of products will be displayed, its volume, and load capacity to ensure that the retail display will hold up.

Point of Sale Merchandising Display

Point of Sale Merchandising Display


Our Key Takeaways…

Wood is a fantastic material to work with. It is flexible and elegant, which makes it ideal for manufacturing store displays. With proper execution, appropriate design, and brand placement, you can win customers. And we can say that Herbal Essences succeeded in this department!

So, if you would like to manufacture a point of sale merchandising display for your business, you can get in touch with ODM. We have experience with sourcing and manufacturing POS display units, promotional gifts, and marketing giveaways.

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