One of Vietnam’s biggest supermarkets, Satramart, welcomes customers with a branded POP display that currently carries products that are on sale. The Laughing Cow is a brand that sells easy to eat cheese, with a logo that does not fail to make one giggle upon seeing. Moreover, its branded retail display increases positive and finer brand remembrance – certainly a force to be reckoned with. 

Striking Branded POP Display By The Laughing Cow Gains Massive Attention

Striking Branded POP Display By The Laughing Cow Gains Massive Attention

On the design, the mascot of the brand is welcoming customers with, ‘Nông trại con bò cười’, which means laughing cow farm. It happily introduces customers their farm which certainly sets a cheery and carefree mood in the buzzing store.

Why We Love This Branded POP Display By The Laughing Cow?

  • Originality – The design of the bespoke retail display is very original as it chose a barn to represent the place where they came from. The colours used also complement each other and the brand image well. Instead of a typical windmill, the brand also incorporated their promotional products to be displayed as seen in the picture. Hence, it builds a favourable corporate image to highlight its best features to the mass public. 
  • Brand Visibility – The Custom POS Display is large and is decorated with a multitude of vibrant colours. It also increases brand awareness and potential sales for the brand as it targets a wider audience base. Hence, there will be more customers patronizing the brand as they are intrigued by the design. 
  • Convenience – The Laughing Cow won the hearts of consumers by improving accessibility. To signal to everyone where the brand’s products are located saves customers time searching for the goods they want to buy. Hence, the branded POP display is certainly a beloved promotional display that brands should consider!


Overall, other than on-pack promotions and complimentary gift with purchase, many brands should also consider using a POS display in their next marketing campaign.

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