It’s time for Cheese and Wine! Hong Kong company Maitre de Vin is currently offering a complimentary gift with purchase – an oak cheese board with every purchase of their Multi-Function Wine Dispenser. This was spotted in the July / September 2018 Cathay Pacific in-flight duty free magazine.

Customized complimentary gifts with purchase is a fantastic way of incentivising shoppers to buy your product in addition to extending your brand visibility. This offer is particularly well thought out as the cheeseboard compliments the wine dispenser, working in unison to enhance the overall product experience.


Complimentary Gift with Purchase

Complimentary Gift with Purchase

Maitre de Vin, French for “Wine Master”, aims to provide high quality and special wine accessories for all wine lovers. The offer of a complimentary gift with purchase will increase customer loyalty, retention and help spread the brands name. The customization of this unique complimentary gift with purchase, a Maire de Vin oak Cheeseboard, will also ensure the brands name lasts beyond the shop floor.

Complimentary gift with purchase

Complimentary Gift with Purchase


We often see beverage companies providing a complimentary gift with purchase, to work in unison with their products to enhance the experience

Nescafe recently offered a bespoke coffee tumbler with the purchase of their coffee


Desparados launched a promotional drinks offer in Ho Chi Minh with a play on the game ‘spin the bottle’


Another luxury brand, Belvedere, offering a complimentary gift with purchase to enrich the customer experience


Here are some of the benefits of providing a complimentary gift with purchase:

  • Instantly attracts customer attention
  • More likely to trigger an impulse buy
  • Bespoke design that enhances remembrance of / attraction to the brand
  • A Giveaway Product that is not only a luxury gift but also useful, it becomes a perfect giveaway product to the customers
  • Something that compliments your existing product will improve the overall customer experience


Would a complimentary gift with purchase boost your sales? As we can see, bespoke designs and a complimentary gift with purchase are perfect tools for companies aiming to enhance brand recognition and customer experience. We at the ODM Group can help you design, source and manufacture unique promotional products that will compliment your existing brand.

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